DME Community Charter School Pricing, Service, and Support

How much is your community charter school spending on documents, printing, and network security?

If you don’t have the figures on-hand, don’t be alarmed.

Most businesses are not able to accurately measure the cost of printing and document control.

However, these costs quickly add up, especially in a document-driven environment like the modern community charter school. If you are not taking steps to streamline your printing, document control, and network security systems, you can quickly find yourself spending far more than your budget allows.

This is why our team at Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises offers special community charter school pricing for our most sought-after services. We also offer a mentoring and job shadowing programs for capable students who want to learn more about this exciting area of technological development.

Products and Services We Include in Special Community Charter School Pricing

In many ways, the charter school environment is more demanding than the average business when it comes to document control and printing services. Every classroom needs to reliably generate paper documents at significant volume, and when equipment breaks down, you don’t have time to wait for a generic service technician to arrive on-site and resolve the issue.

What you need are efficient managed services that take care of document-related issues on your behalf while reducing costs and offering paperless solutions wherever possible.

Some of the solutions we offer special community charter school discounts for include:

1. Managed Print Services

Managed print services save you time and money throughout the school year. Our comprehensive cost-per-page analysis will show you exactly how much money your institution spends on printing, and offer you the ability to track educators’ usage of specific devices so that you can implement more efficient printing practices and make better use of consumable resources.

Our catalog of high-volume multifunction devices can print, scan, copy, and fax documents using the latest connectivity protocols to make teachers’ lives easier. You can print, scan, copy, and fax documents from cloud-hosted services, from mobile devices, and more.

2. Managed Document Services

How many of your school’s important documents exist only in hardcopy format?

Transforming documents into digital assets increases your ability to manage records, documents, and worksheets in a streamlined manner. Our managed document services allow you to manage your entire fleet of printers and multifunction devices from a single device.

With an optimally configured printer fleet, you can access, modify, and save documents from any trusted devices and send documents between devices in digital format.

3. Managed Network Services

Managed network services keep your documents safe in the event of unexpected data disasters. Anything from natural events to cybercriminal behavior can compromise your school records and sensitive data. Our Online Backup and Business Continuity services keep sensitive data safely encrypted and copied to a cloud-hosted server.

Using our managed network, you have instant access to your most important records even when your physical hardware is damaged. You also have access to immediate technical support from our expert staff.

4. Interactive White Boards

The Sharp Aquos Board is the white board of the future. These interactive boards improve the functionality of traditional whiteboards by letting educators display videos, high-resolution imagery, and other multimedia directly on an interactive touchscreen surface. With this technology, students can interact with visual content using gestures.

Interactive white boards are part of our community charter school pricing discount program. They offer state of the art connectivity, immeasurably improving the learning environment.

5. Managed Mailing Solutions

Thanks to our partnership with FP Mailing Solutions, we have established ourselves as a leading managed mailing solution provider for businesses throughout our region. Community charter schools can use our managed mail solutions to organize and distribute letters in first-class folder-inserters, automatically prepared by advanced machinery.

This reduces the time and money spent preparing documents to be sent to students and parents. Along with our document and print management services, it vastly reduces the overall cost of generating and mailing content throughout the school district.

Rely on Us for Your Charter School’s Technology Needs

Our company does more than simply provide equipment to community charter schools and other institutions. We ensure that the equipment we provide is optimized to run as efficiently as possible. This helps schools reduce costs and improve productivity, giving both students and educators access to technology solutions that simply work.

Our team of specialist technicians takes care of support calls with speed and professionalism. This is key to reducing downtime, which can otherwise cause educational productivity to grind to a halt. Speak to a specialist about your charter school’s needs today.

Contact one of our education sector specialists and ask about community charter school pricing discounts.

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