Grab More Customers by Implementing Digital Signage Now

Being the 21st century successor to static illuminated signs, such as neon and fluorescent signage, digital signs typically incorporate LED or plasma screens to display moving text, images, and even animations or video footage to advertise a business’s services. Other forms of digital signage include LCD formats or may even use a projected image.

What Types of Digital Signage Are There?

Since digital signage comes in a variety of formats, it has been utilized in just about every conceivable advertisement set up. The most common implementation of a digital sign is either in an indoor or outdoor display setting in which a short, catchy slogan or sales special is being advertised to draw customers into a business location.

Aside from direct advertising, digital signage also has applications once a prospect has already entered into a business establishment. For example, given their efficacy with respect to promoting sales and accelerate customer decision making many quick-service restaurants (QSRs) employ digital menu boards.

Lastly, with the advent of affordable, durable touchscreen devices, digital signage has also been adapted to be a medium to both advertise and also provide information and entertainment. Referred to in the marketing industry as interactive touch panels, these displays not only lure in prospects with a moving advertisement but also sport a series of sub-functions such as a menu with which the customer can interact with to view any number of features such as an informative or entertaining video or scroll through a product line.

What Affect Does Digital Signage Have on Foot Traffic?

The use of digital signs has been a boon for businesses which has led to the widespread adoption of digital signage in myriad industries. According to marketing studies,  in some cases over three-quarters of potential customers enter a business establishment solely because of digital signage outside of the firm’s building. Further, research also indicates that 20% of customers are persuaded to purchase the specific item being advertised on a digital sign. In addition to that, the implementation of digital signage increases brand awareness by almost 50%, increase repeat buyer rate by 32.8%, and raise general sales rate by about 30%.

Digital signage is so effective at bringing in prospects and garnering sales, in fact, that marketing professionals think of a digital sign as like having an additional sales person.

The effects of digital signage are so profound that digital intelligence agencies estimate that digital signage will become a $27.5 billion industry by the end of 2018. That market evaluation is over four and a half times what the industry was worth in 2013.

Where Should You Go to Get Started with Digital Signage?

Having recently partnered with Toshiba, we at Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) provide premium products and services to help you program and display your digital signs. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor display, menu board, or video wall, we have the knowledge and the resources to set up your own digital signs. We can even customize interactive displays.

Whatever the kind of signage you need to have customized, our service packages come in two varieties: Experience Manager and Virtuoso.

The Highlights of Experience Manager

Ideal for digital signs which are medium to large in size, Experience Manager allows you to create both general and tailored messages. Designed to be easy for anyone to set up, this program comes with pre-made templates, a panoply of animations to select from, and can easily be programmed to operate on a schedule.

If you want to upload video or image files of your own creation and incorporate them into the signage, Experience Manager is compatible with most major file formats such as HTML5, WMV, and MPEG.

The Features Found in Virtuoso

Since this system uses smaller displays which incorporate touchscreen technology, Virtuoso is intended to not only display images but also feature some form of interactivity with one or a few users. This type of interactivity can include accessing different forms of information, scrolling through a map, watching videos, playing video games, and ordering products.

The Virtuoso IT package includes a 32” touch-screen display with a built-in PC and developed pre-loaded content, so setting up your display is as fast as possible. The Virtuoso ES package a scaled up version of the It package as you can choose between 32-, 46-, 55-, and 70-inch screens along with a kiosk stand and a support PC. As with the IT, the ES package also features a suite of pre-developed content, too.

Given the versatility of Virtuoso system, it has seen use by the government along with a variety of industries in the private sector including hospitality, retail, tourism, banking, healthcare, and entertainment.

Do you have anymore questions about technology which can improve your business’s bottom line, then contact Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises now.

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