Streamline Your Mailroom Using FP MailOne Software

How much does your business spend on shipping? More importantly, how do postal expenditures contribute to overall profitability in your organization? For many businesses, the relationship between the bottom line and shipping expenditure is an ambiguous one. Mailroom employees and supervisors alike have a tendency to see shipping costs as a “necessary evil” that must [...]

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Save Your Organization Money with a Managed Print Service Plan

How much money does your office spend printing, copying, and faxing documents on a daily basis? Most organizations spend more than necessary when using print resources to fulfill business objectives. Individual employees don't have many incentives to be frugal with the office printer, and it does not take long for the costs of ink, toner, [...]

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Ransomware is a Growing Threat – The Time to Protect Your Network is Now

Ransomware first experienced a surge in activity starting in 2015. By 2016, unprecedented profitability made it the first choice for cybercriminals worldwide. The idea behind ransomware is not new. The first known example was distributed to AIDS researchers on 20,000 floppy disks in 1989 – but the AIDS Trojan's coding was so deeply flawed that [...]

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4 Key Benefits of Mobile Printing

Can your employees send print orders directly to office print equipment without using a computer? Are your office's multifunction devices mobile-compatible? This may not seem like a business-critical application at first, but it has a broad range of productivity-improving implications that you could be missing out on. Today's organizations simply do not run the way [...]

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose a Local MSP

If one of your employees suffers from a network emergency, who will that employee call? National managed service providers (MSPs) will direct you to a tech support call center somewhere outside the United States. Then, a tech support agent will remotely access your business workstations and perform whatever changes are necessary. This approach is a [...]

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Save Time and Improve Workflows with DocuWare

Is digital transformation a priority for your business? For 55 percent of companies without digital transformation initiatives in place, the timeframe for adopting a transformation strategy is one year or less. The vast majority of companies see digital transformation as a competitive opportunity, and a few even see it as crucial to ensuring the company's [...]

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New Sharp Document Systems Deliver Value to Modern Offices

Sharp has included a host of exciting, valuable features in its 2018 lineup of document systems. The modern office environment has changed radically in the last few years. The increased proliferation of mobile devices and continually shifting customer expectations have combined to put a premium on power and flexibility as workflow doctrines. This is something [...]

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How to Make an Effective Business Continuity Plan

When disaster strikes, it rarely gives advance warning. While 70 percent of businesses have a disaster recovery plan in place, only around 33 percent of these businesses are adequately prepared to respond to a business-disrupting event, according to StorageCraft. That means that not only are the majority of businesses unprepared for disaster, but many believe [...]

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Transform Your Business with Toshiba Re-Rite Today

Whether in an office, school, or home setting, hard documents are commonly scanned by and converted into a digital format. However, these virtual copies are in effect static images which can only be read, not at all altered. In the event that you may want to turn these scanned images into an eBook, modify a [...]

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How You Can Capitalize on Color

Colors, broadly speaking, do matter in the world of marketing, but their utilization must be understood in detail, rather than in blanket generalizations. To be sure, marketing research does strongly suggest that color, when used properly, does considerably affect a consumer's immediate judgment about a product which in turn influences sales. Furthermore, the varied effects [...]

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