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Whether in an office, school, or home setting, hard documents are commonly scanned by and converted into a digital format. However, these virtual copies are in effect static images which can only be read, not at all altered. In the event that you may want to turn these scanned images into an eBook, modify a spreadsheet worth of data into an augmented Excel document, or incorporate the written data and images into a webpage, everything scanned must be painstakingly retyped.

That is until the advent of Toshiba’s Re-Rite software service program.

What Central Features Does Re-Rite Possess?

The core concept Re-Rite software was designed around was what we term automatic optical character recognition. To put it in other terms, Re-Rite software identifies printed characters and turns them into a modifiable format of some kind which can be adjusted, added to, or edited as the user sees fit.

Although designed around the specifications of Toshiba multi-function printers, Re-Rite is compatible with most multi-function printer designs. In order to be as user-friendly as possible, the Re-Rite system is so simple that no training is required. All you need to do is press a single button to turn a series of physical documents into an editable digital format.

In addition to text, the Re-Rite software can scan and upload images as well. In total, the Re-Rite system can convert images into 16 different file types.

How Does the Re-Rite System Work?

Once you have placed a hard copy into a scanners document feeder, with a single push of the scan button, the document is converted into digital format and forwarded to your email or network drive. Once converted, a document can be searched for on your hard drive using Google Desktop, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Output formats which Re-Rite can convert paper documents into include .doc, .xls, .pdf, and HTML. That means that not only can a series of pages be turned into an editable Word, Excel, or portable document but can also be turned into a modifiable webpage, too.

In other words, if you are uploading a page of data to the web you no longer have to worry about complicated file conversions. Just press ‘scan to HTML’ and your hard document will be instantly transformed into a mutable hypertext document which can be uploaded onto your website.

Further, this same technology can turn hard-copy pages into an audible format via the Microsoft Reader. In total, Re-Rite converts documents into a total of 17 modifiable formats.

Any of those formats can be sent to a pre-programmed destination, taking out the guesswork and ‘needle in a haystack’ approach to locating documents. Plus, with the Re-Rite search feature by only entering a keyword, your document can be found instantly. With this convenient service, documents can either be emailed or printed. This is great in situations wherein proof-of-signature upon delivery is required.

Will My Business Benefit from This Technology?

Ever since the end of the 20th-century, the format in which documents have been stored and presented has become increasingly digital. Unfortunately, though, a panoply of vital documents are still sitting in file cabinets, books shelves, office drawers, and notebooks. Given the fact that they are printed documents, the text and images they bear are essentially immutable and can only be replaced and changed through tedious replication. However, with Re-Rite software, they can be replicated and, if necessary, modified.

Further, since Re-Rite converts scanned printed documents into a digital format, an entire office worth of hard copies can be converted into digital files and backed up to the cloud or transferred to an external hard drive. So, whether you are working in an office, scholastic, or home environment, with a few taps of a button, you can easily save all of your hard copies as digital documents.

These features are ideal for established businesses, particularly paralegal and insurance firms, which have mountains of paperwork which first, should be saved as a virtual document, and second, may need to be altered and re-printed at a later date.

Moving forward, those working in the ecommerce space can benefit markedly from Re-Rite as well. For instance, if you are in possession of series of paper documents which an employee has faxed you, it’s incredibly easy to turn that hard copy into a page which, with a little bit of editing, can be transformed into a fully functional website page.

Since Re-Rite can scan the text of a document and convert it into audible speech, this software is a great proofreading tool for writing enthusiasts, be they professional authors or amateur bloggers.


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