Sharp has included a host of exciting, valuable features in its 2018 lineup of document systems.

The modern office environment has changed radically in the last few years. The increased proliferation of mobile devices and continually shifting customer expectations have combined to put a premium on power and flexibility as workflow doctrines.

This is something that engineers and data architects have felt since it began, and this trend is now beginning to generate technological solutions unlike anything ever seen before. The new lineup of Sharp document systems is a testament to this change and its implications for workflow efficiency and productivity.

Sharp Document Systems – More than a Multifunction Printer

When the first multifunction printers came out, it was a great leap forward for workplace efficiency. Instead of purchasing and maintaining separate fleets of scanners, copiers, printers, and fax machines, organizations could invest in a single high-volume device that did everything.

But as the data needs of organizations grew, these devices became increasingly overtasked. Even the most robust of them were limited by the fact that only a single user can be physically present at the device’s control interface at a time.

But new advances in remote technology, mobile compatibility, and digital connectivity have inspired Sharp to develop a lineup of multifunction printers with unprecedented document management features. Sharp’s new document systems give users unparalleled remote control over their print fleets.

This feature is called the Sharp Remote Front Panel, and it lets administrators and help desk professionals take control of Sharp document systems from a remote workstation. This technology, alongside Sharp Open Systems Architecture (OSA) gives organizations unparalleled control over their print-related processes.

For users, no device could be simpler or more intuitive to use. Employees can edit and rearrange documents directly from the innovative touchscreen interface of Sharp multifunction printers like the MX3070-N. The interface design operates like a standard tablet computer, with jobs and functions represented as apps – nothing could be easier.

These applications fulfill a broad range of business needs. The Sharp Partner Program lets developers leverage Sharp hardware technology to meet nearly any need – from scan-to-email functionality to AirPrint support and healthcare-specific processes. Sharpdesk Mobile allows users to operate Sharp document systems from their own iOS or Android mobile devices.

Product Highlights

To best illustrate the benefits of implementing a new Sharp document system, refer to some of the product introductions below:

1. The Sharp Essential Series

The Sharp Essential Series covers most features the average modern office needs on a daily basis. Color multifunction devices like the MX-2616N offer bright, vivid imagery while remaining economical. This particular device has a maximum paper capacity of 3,100 sheets and a print speed of 26 pages per minute. Users can upgrade Essential Series devices as needed, opting for greater functionality on an as-needed basis.

2. The Sharp Advanced Series

Advanced Series printers offer increased productivity and functionality to busy workforces. These devices offer a broad range of finishing options and operate at higher print volumes. The MX-5070V, for instance, features a print rate of 50 pages per minute and features a quad-core multi-tasking processor as well as a 500 GB hard drive.

3. The Sharp Pro Series

Enterprises and busy print shops that need top-of-the-line performance and efficiency can rely on the Sharp Pro Series of multifunction devices to meet their needs. Large-scale high-volume production printers like the MX-8090N are designed to deliver competition-busting performance with industry-leading efficiency. These are tools for meeting high-impact print processes to the order of hundreds of thousands of pages per month.

Which Sharp Document System is Right for Your Business?

With a lineup of over 40 individual devices, there is a wealth of options to choose from. The balance between business demand and budget will dictate which features you need automated and what levels of productivity is most likely to generate value.

While you may have a clear initial idea of which series of product most interests you, creating a long-term plan for growth and flexibility is essential to picking the right model. Undergoing a comprehensive print audit can help you determine where your current print usage lands you and give you the data you need to make a careful assessment of your print fleet needs for the future.

Sharp’s broad collection of document systems include options to fit every need – from high-volume monochrome printers to centralized office productivity workhorses with remote functionality. Whether you are looking to replace an aging print fleet or give your team new functionalities, you will find a powerful ally in Sharp.

Find out which Sharp document systems are the best fit for your business. Talk to our team and ask about these exciting products.