(Source: The Cannata Report)

written by Scott Cullen April 9, 2018

Above: Screenshot of DME’s website homepage at DME.us.com as conceived, designed, and maintained by CIG’s Marketing Platform 2.0. The homepage features animation and looping.

DME attracts more talent and increases engagement with evolved online marketing strategy. 

Editor’s Note: “Sharper Image” is a 2018 series of four features as to how Clover Imaging Group’s Platform 2.0 is delivering on marketing support for dealers.

Screenshots site dme

The dme.us.com About Us or Company Overview page features video.

Screenshot mns dme site

The dme.us.com Managed network services (MNS) page cleanly communicates the benefits of engaging with DME’s MNS division.

All it took was just one look at the existing Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) website two years ago for new President Jim George to realize the dealership’s existing online presence was behind the times. It was static, boring, and unlikely to appeal to a younger generation of customer and job seeker.   

“The number one thing I wanted to do was rebrand,” recalled George.  

At the time, DME had recently merged two dealerships—ABS and DMI—and the integration of these companies was still a work in progress. To move forward, it was necessary for everyone in the organization to be on the same page in how the newly formed DME dealership was to be portray to customers, prospects, and present and future employees.  

George acknowledged that until he became more involved in marketing 10 years ago, he underestimated just how important a thoughtfully designed website was to a business. Today, he has a completely different perspective.  

“When I look at [a website], I look for something that’s edgy, cutting edge, and futuristic,” commented George. 

Enter the marketing arm of Clover Imaging Group, a company better known as a toner supplier rather than a marketing company. The company’s creative marketing initiatives George heard about at industry events peaked his interest, and he met with Clover at a BTA conference to learn more about what the company could do to spice up not only DME’s website, but also its overall online marketing efforts.  

Impressed by what he heard about CIG’s Marketing Platform 2.0, a portfolio of marketing tools for dealers, George hired Clover to implement the creative components of his rebranding plan. The result was a completely redesigned website with video, more targeted messaging, blogs, and other compelling content, as well as a more proactive social media presence and enhanced sales collateral. Collaboration was particularly key to putting all the pieces in place and the team from Clover was assisted by Erica Huentelman, DME’s marketing coordinator.  

A visit to DME’s webpage (dme.us.com) vividly illustrates the results. 

“It speaks to millennials, it’s intuitive, it’s interactive, and it’s constantly changing,” said George. “It’s the DME our community knows us for now.” 

LinkedIn and Facebook links were added to help channel potential new employees to DME. 

It seems to be working. 

“The amount of people applying to work here has increased substantially since we upgraded our website,” reported George. 

One of the most popular pages on the site, based on the number of hits, is a video targeting customers, prospects, and job seekers. In it, George talks about what DME does and how it does it while creating an image of a market leader and a progressive technology provider.  

Clover has also assisted DME with its email marketing via Clover’s Empower email marketing platform by providing content for blasts, along with enhancements to existing content to make sure it is more meaningful to DME customers.  

In George’s view, the best way to measure the success of email marketing is by how many people are not clicking the unsubscribe button or asking DME to take them off its email distribution list because the information they are receiving is irrelevant to their business. 

“We’re not seeing any dramatic fail ratios,” observed George. “This is critical, good information.”  

A recent example of a successful email blast focused on postal regulations and how recent rate changes might affect the customer.  

“It’s information a customer needs to know, and with that, we’re also asking for a reason to visit the customer [to discuss how DME and its mailing technology can help lower their postage costs],” said George. “These are collaborative emails requesting further action from the customer.”  

The key to ending up with an all-around positive result was relaying to Clover exactly what was important to DME. George, who had plenty on his plate already, didn’t want to get bogged down 24/7, overseeing the dealership’s website updates and online marketing initiatives. 

He appreciates the professionalism of the Clover marketing team and how they managed and continue to manage the entire process. George believes the key when working with an outside organization on initiatives such as this is to make sure they fully understand your vision.  

“Their job is to translate your vision into something tangible,” said George. “They really want to understand where you’re headed, where have you been, and what your path looks like.” 

While George may have had some initial concern about working with a company better known as a toner supplier, he has none now.  

He remembered how impressed he was after he first asked them to create some marketing pieces.  

“They delivered and have never ceased to amaze me,” he said. “It’s been a great experience. When we talk about adding value to an organization, that’s what I look for, and we have a great partnership.”