If one of your employees suffers from a network emergency, who will that employee call?

National managed service providers (MSPs) will direct you to a tech support call center somewhere outside the United States. Then, a tech support agent will remotely access your business workstations and perform whatever changes are necessary.

This approach is a cost-effective way for national corporations to take an efficient approach to tech support. However, it is not without its compromises.

A local company that employs highly qualified local technicians can do more for its business clients than a global corporation attempting to please too many people at once while simultaneously driving profits. Whether contracting managed print, managed network, or managed document services, you can gain more by looking to local vendors than large, global alternatives.

Benefits to Working with a Local Company

Today’s hyper-connected business world makes remote collaboration easier than ever. But the ability to get service from halfway across the world does not always mean you will get better quality of service. A local MSP can often outperform its global competitors simply by being there when you need them.

1. Your Local MSP Gets Your Market

Your local market is unique. Simply being an expert in network infrastructure or print fleet management does not automatically ensure a technician really knows what your business needs. Local expertise contributes to workplace culture, understands common concerns in your industry, and speaks to those needs effectively.

This gives local technicians an advantage towards understanding how to deliver value to your business more effectively. Your local MSP shares a similar corporate culture, understands industry standards in your area, and knows what assets you need to reliably beat your competitors.

2. Local MSPs work in your Time Zone

Although many global service providers are able to offer 24/7 tech support, that doesn’t always equate to value for end-users. Again, there is a major difference in quality between 24/7 tech support from a call center in a foreign country and 24/7 tech support from a group of highly qualified local technicians.

Beyond tech support, you also want to be sure that your MSP’s supervisory and executive teams are working hours similar to yours. If a true emergency requiring several steps of escalation were to occur, it is unlikely that a global MSP could respond as quickly as a local provider.

3. On-Site Work is No Problem

Remote work is perfectly suitable for handling the majority of tech support issues, but it cannot resolve all of them. Sometimes you really need a highly skilled technician to visit your offices and physically install or adjust equipment.

For global MSPs, this is always a difficult task. Usually, it involves contracting a third-party service provider, and you have to assume the risk. For a local service provider, however, dispatching a technician to a worksite is no problem at all.

4. Local MSPs are Easier to Communicate With

Today’s busy office environment is not limited to email. There are as many ways to communicate as ever and executives often prefer the most direct methods possible. When you choose a local service provider, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if you don’t receive an adequate level of level of trust from emails or phone calls, you can walk right into your partner’s offices and talk to them personally.

Global MSPs have a harder time accommodating their clients. Keeping a multinational organization running means relying on third-party service providers, and maintaining effective client-side communication between these third parties is challenging – most MSPs are not up to the task.

Which Services Should You Outsource to a Local MSP?

There are three major areas where commercial offices can save on costs and improve business efficiency by contracting a local MSP.

  • Managed Print Services. Having a service provider manage your print fleet can lead to reduced paper waste and more efficient use of print resources.
  • Managed IT Services. Network infrastructure is challenging to deploy and maintain. A local MSP can take the guesswork out of your network and deliver a solution that just works.
  • Managed Document Services. Documents are the heart and soul of your business. Have a service vendor ensure that yours are safe and accessible at all times.

With very rare exception, each one of these fields is one where organizations can save by relying on the local expertise of a highly experienced MSP. By combining the latest technology on the market with industry-leading technical expertise, you can generate significant savings in your print fleet, network infrastructure, and document management solution.

DME is a local MSP serving education, legal, healthcare, finance, and government clients in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky & West Virginia. With us you can access to your managed services through a single point of contact, and service techs based in North America who resolve 80 percent of issues on the first call. We enjoy a close relationship with our manufacturers, whose support is critical to providing world-class service locally.

Contact us to find out how managed services can lift the weight off of your employees’ shoulders and better equip them to handle high-value processes.