How much does your business spend on shipping? More importantly, how do postal expenditures contribute to overall profitability in your organization?

For many businesses, the relationship between the bottom line and shipping expenditure is an ambiguous one.

Mailroom employees and supervisors alike have a tendency to see shipping costs as a “necessary evil” that must simply be tolerated so long as overall business processes generate value.

Although this is true to some extent, there are more options for reducing administrative waste and inefficiency in the mailroom than you may realize. This is especially important when it comes to the time-consuming process of purchasing postage stamps and accurately weighing packages when preparing items for shipment.

Accurate weight and postal cost calculation can save up 20 percent on mailroom expenses. This is why many organizations rent or lease postage meters in the mailroom.

But the postal meter is already almost a century old, and it remains largely unchanged since its invention in 1920. Modern mailrooms can save more by implementing software that compares real-time shipping costs and lets users create customized cost accounts for individual processes.

This is the promise of FP MailOne software – the only mailroom software that manages both shipping and mailing accounts simultaneously. Until now, businesses had to separate mailing and shipping into separate cost accounts, doubling the work of mailroom administrators.

Now, new technology lets mailroom employees enjoy centralized access to a complete suite of shipping and mail solutions. FP is already part of 230,000 mailrooms across the world, helping ensure that millions of parcels arrive at their intended destinations at the lowest possible cost.

FP MailOne Software Accounting

One of the main cost-saving benefits to implementing FP MailOne Software is the ability to record, process, and save mail expenditure data in real-time. This lets users easily create reports for administrative and executive analysis.

The software also lets users easily create budgets and add surcharges for specific mail processes. It presents businesses with a simplified approach to shipping and mailing process administration, eliminating the need for manual reporting and error-prone ad-hoc spreadsheet generation.

Choose the Most Efficient USPS Shipping Option for Every Package

FP MailOne synchronizes with USPS Commercial Base Pricing data to automatically show users the best shipping method for any package and destination. This takes several time-consuming and error-prone steps out of the shipping and mailing process.

The MailOne system automatically determines the most cost-efficient option for getting your packages to their destinations. It reduces costs and improves the efficiency of delivery while offering complete integration with USPS CASS address verification, ensuring your packages safely arrive at their intended destination without fail.

Using FP MailOne software, you can quickly compare all available rates for each individual shipment your business needs to make. The system uses a large touchscreen monitor to make the user experience as intuitive as possible, ensuring that no time or productivity is lost training mailroom employees to use the new system.

A Powerful System for Certified Mail

MailOne could not be a truly versatile digital mailroom solution without offering comprehensive support for certified mail. The software offers a 360-degree dashboard detailing mail status visibility, simplifying record keeping and mail process management for your entire organization.

This approach improves mail and shipping workflows, ensures compliance with all applicable standards and mitigates the risks associated with improper mailing. As a centralized workflow solution optimized for multiple document formats, it provides value-added support for processes that rely on certified mail.

Implement this software in your mailroom to enjoy immediate electronic access to certified mails shipments. Take the guesswork out of determining whether packages were delivered or whether attempts to deliver were unsuccessful.

Start Customer Value-Oriented Mail Processing

The most important benefit that FP MailOne software offers businesses is the ability to gather and compare mailroom data to develop frameworks for increasing customer value.

If you are not sure how your current mail processes translate to customer value, implementing a tool like this can give you access to the data you need to identify and improve value-added processes.

Determining where an organizational data can be used to generate customer value is critically important for the future of mailroom management. Every mailroom error your company commits is an opportunity to improve.

But mailroom management software like this goes beyond simply catching, addressing, and compensating for human error.

It becomes an integral part of new value-generating mailroom processes that leverage accurate, high-quality customer data to support customer history classification and improve subsequent processes.

With a solution like FP MailOne software powering your organization’s mailroom, you can start harnessing the power of personal and organizational data to implement processes that add value to the customer experience.

Are you ready to boost mailroom efficiency and reduce shipping costs? DME expertise can help you choose the mailing solution that’s best for you.