Do your clients truly care how efficient the print services are in your law office? Are they concerned with the availability of printers or your ink supplies? The probability is that they are mainly concerned with reliable, quality legal solutions and advice, and consistent handling of case matters.

But from your perspective, efficient creation and handling of documents is a critical function, with the wide variety of forms and legal documents that must be prepared and distributed properly, securely, and often within a short time frame.

Managing document preparation and distribution is only a portion of what legal managed print services can do to boost efficiency, save printing costs, strengthen print security, and even improve staff morale.

How Can Your Law Office Save Money with Managed Print Services?

Legal document print services can help your law office save money in several ways:

  • Visibility – Clear knowledge of what is being printed and who initiated the print request. Printing contracts, invoices, depositions, and legal records are all legitimate functions, but printing party invitations or other personal items are often not tracked or may go unnoticed in many offices. This can increase the cost of law firm print supplies significantly. Managed print services provide monitoring of print volumes that can be a real eye-opener to your law office.
  • Savings on law firm copier supplies – Properly maintained equipment that has been sized to suit the needs of your law office saves money and time by producing your document volumes quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduction in downtime – When you need printed legal documents, time can be a critical issue. Legal managed document services ensure that your copiers and printers are working properly and are available when you need them. Managed maintenance and reliable support keep your equipment running at peak performance.
  • Optimized workspace– A professional evaluation by industry experts may result in your law office requiring fewer machines. Many law offices find that they can handle the workload more effectively with only a few multifunction devices placed appropriately. Optimizing your workspace can eliminate excess printers and copiers.

Are you billing clients for paperwork generated for their cases? With legal managed print services, you can accurately account for documents related to specific clients or cases and include those expenses in your billing.

Discussing your printing needs with a knowledgeable legal managed services consultant can provide even more opportunities for cost savings with this technology.

Boosting Law Office Efficiency with Document Print Services

Implementing a legal managed print services system can streamline printing processes and make your law office more efficient.

  • Automated workflow is an integral function of document print services, with distribution of documents managed within the system, and only physically printing documents that are required on paper.
  • With copiers and printers maintained by trained, reliable technicians, your staff can focus on the more important tasks such as supporting your legal team, dealing with clients, and generating revenue. No more ordering printer cartridges or searching for toner to print a critical document.
  • Electronic filing saves a considerable amount of money in a law office. Spend less time filing and retrieving documents by using digital copies that can be cross-indexed for easy discovery and shared by all who should have access to the information.
  • Security is another key aspect of document management services. It’s easy to misplace a paper document or have information to be observed by unauthorized individuals. Managed print services can control when a document prints, so that the ‘owner’ is at the printer to retrieve it immediately.
  • Sustainability is an issue now on the minds of many businesses. Printing only what is really needed saves money in document costs and reduces waste for environmental concerns.

Managed print services takes the day-to-day headache of printer maintenance and supply handling off your office staff and puts it in in the hands of reliable, well-trained technicians. Our team is also available for support and troubleshooting of any printing problems.

How Do You Upgrade Your Law Office with Managed Print Services?

Getting started with legal managed print services is simple. With the advancements in software and printing technology, document management services are readily available for your law office to take advantage of. There are several questions that you should ask potential vendors to make sure you’re partnering with an experienced, qualified provider:

  • Experience – How long have they been in business, and can they provide customer references?
  • Service expectations – What is their service level agreement (SLA) for responding to service requests? When your print services are down unexpectedly, you need assurance that your service call is a priority.
  • Growth – As your office and print needs grow, will the managed print service expand with you? Make sure your printing equipment serves your needs not only now but for the future.

Donnellon McCarthy has the experience and technical knowledge that can save your office time and money, while improving efficiency and security. Contact us today to discuss your law office document management needs.