Long gone are the days of personal printers dotting the desktops of large businesses. Technology has led corporations to a better way, enabled by sophisticated networks, wireless communications, and the internet of things.

Mobile workforces and the proliferation of tablets and smartphones requiring printer functionality further reinforce the need for enterprise printing and copying. Large office print solutions have matured significantly in recent years for many reasons:

  • Control – Getting control of what gets printed, and by which individuals or departments, is crucial for security and managing document flow.
  • Cost – Supplies for individual printers can be expensive, especially where color printing is involved. For many documents, color is not a requirement.
  • Efficiency – Centralizing printing and copying functions results in better use of resources including IT staff, maintenance services, and administrative staff.
  • Sustainability – Leveraging sophisticated multifunction printers and technology for copying, emailing, and faxing can significantly reduce the number of pages printed, transitioning from paper copies to digital documents.

This presents a strategic advantage when incorporating managed print services for your large office. Partnering with an experienced print solutions provider to maximize your return on investment in multifunction copiers or printers can save money, improve productivity, and give you the control you need.

What Types of Multifunction Copiers Are Best for Your Large Office?

When reviewing the multifunction printer or copier that best suits your office environment, there are several key factors you should consider:

  • Monochrome or color – If you really need color for your documents, that question is an easy one. But be realistic on that decision. Not every business or print job requires color documents. You may decide to use multiple multifunction printers with color printing only available on a limited number of units. Technology also presents another solution with managed print services for a large office. Some software solutions will provide the capability of restricting the use of color to certain users or departments. The cost savings in supplies can be significant to your business.
  • Functionality – Managed print services will be shared by multiple departments or groups, facilitated by either wired or wireless networks. Be sure your selected multifunction printer supports the needs of your work teams. Functions typically enabled by today’s devices include:


  • Copying
  • Printing
  • Faxing – incoming and outbound
  • Emailing
  • Scanning – some support duplex scanning


Additional features include automatic document feeders, collating copies, 2-sided printing, stapling, and more. It’s best to choose a device that makes sure you’re covered for your current and foreseeable requirements.


  • Graphic capabilities – If your needs include high-resolution graphic output, consider devices that support professional-quality images.
  • Service duty cycle – Multifunction printers are rated at pages per minute (ppm). Do your homework for the expected workload of your chosen units to be certain you don’t underestimate your needs. PPM gives you a good idea of the printer speed for generating documents, but the duty cycle provided by the printer manufacturer is a better guide for how many pages can be produced each month.
  • Network support – Select a device that supports the connectivity features you expect to utilize. Most can be connected via standard Ethernet networking, but it’s a good idea to have wireless communication as an option if that’s how you expect to utilize the printer in your large business.
  • Laser vs. inkjet – There are many debates on which is better. In general, laser printers are better suited for offices with large print volumes. They’re often faster and come with a lower cost per page.

Look for ease of use as well. The most sophisticated multifunction copier is of little use if it requires continuous updates or considerable training to enable your staff to use it effectively.

Where to Find a Multifunction Printer for a Large Office

Once you’ve decided to evaluate the use of multifunction printers and copiers in your large business, your best course of action is to consult with the professionals at Donnellon McCarthy to help you select the right devices for your office team.

This can save you money in the long run – by obtaining assistance not only with selection of the best multifunction printers for your large business but through other services available:

  • Installation and training services for your new equipment
  • Service and support coverage include management of supplies
  • Full managed print services that boost office efficiency and save operational expense

Expert consultants from Donnellon McCarthy can guide your large business or enterprise in selecting the best multifunction copier or printing solution for your needs. Contact us today for total managed printing solutions.