Acceptable Use of Technology

Every organization should have guidelines for the use of workstations, multifunction printers, telephones, emails, internet and phone (both company provided and BYOD with email access).   Organizations should also have consequences for misuse of technology, when discovered.


Never share passwords, understand who has access to different levels of folder access and confidentially, and keep virus protection up to date.

Disaster Recovery

Use a service that encrypts your data to a secure data center and has a short turnaround times for data recovery.


Have guidelines for the types of systems, the minimum hardware requirements, the software version used by the company, and prohibited devices that can be added to the network or plugged into a corporate workstation.  Organizations should only allow business level operating systems and infrastructure devices to be used.

Network Set Up and Documentation

Standardize the way new employees are added, permission levels per employee and standard for software licensing.

IT services

Define who is responsible for technology needs and how problems are addressed, who in the organization is responsible for employee technical support, maintenance, installation and organizational technology strategy.

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