Good speakers make a great conference. Finding IT conferences based on influential speakers can enhance your knowledge and expose your team to new ideas. Not every event is a hit, but if you pick the right ones, you will imbue your team with powerful incentives to stay on the cutting edge of tech.

Conferences also present professionals with the opportunity to meet others from their field. They can get to know one another and learn, share, and leverage ideas and practices. Networking is good for individual development and for organizational growth – finding new vendors and discovering new ways to cut costs are in everyone’s interest.

5 IT Conferences in 2018 You Can Still Attend

Spice World 2018 – October 8th-10th

Spice World is a three-day conference held in Austin, TX. The conference brings IT professionals and tech-oriented marketers together. It presents them with a chance to learn, meet, and party with one another. The three-day event consists of many sessions in which professionals can learn from their peers, experts, and also meet key vendors.

The conference is one of the biggest IT professional conferences in the United States. Expect to see big names at the event endorsed by Hewlett-Packard. Nearly every major manufacturer and vendor in tech makes an appearance.

Tech360 – October 18th

Tech360 is a one-day conference held in Malvern, PA. It focuses on tech education, innovation, and leadership while presenting innovative business technologies to industry insiders.

The event doesn’t exclusively focus on IT professionals alone, but is also attended by popular managed service vendors’ project managers and leads. This presents a unique opportunity for people used to communicating exclusively in the digital realm to meet face-to-face.

The 2018 theme for the event is The Societal Impacts of Technology. The discussions will focus on how new technologies can impact the workplace and society. The speakers for the conference include CEO of STRATIS IoT & Bulogics, CIO of Aqua America, among many others.

Oracle Open World – October 20th-22nd

Oracle Open World is a four-day conference held in San Francisco, CA. Known as one of the most important conferences for IT professionals, it presents industry insiders with insights on cloud technology and industry trends.

Attendees will have over 1,000 sessions to choose from, all curated by respected technology leader Oracle. Attendees will also enjoy access to over 2,000 Oracle partners and customers. A lot of the keynote speakers are senior Oracle engineers, giving IT professionals a chance to gain insights into Oracle’s technology and perspectives.

Pass Summit 2018 – November 6th-9th

Pass Summit 2018 is a four-day conference held in Seattle, WA. It is the most important conference for professionals using Microsoft data platforms. Attendees get a chance to deep-dive into technical sessions that teach them best practices for Microsoft technology.

The event provides attendees with insights into tips and tricks to make Microsoft technology more useful. It exposes attendees to the IT community from all over, allowing them to network and interact with other professionals. The sessions for the event are from topics ranging from database administration to business analytics.

AWS re:Invent – November 26th-30th

AWS re:Invent is a five-day conference held in Las Vegas, NV. Hosted by Amazon Web Services, the conference presents IT engineers, developers, and decision-makers an opportunity to learn. There are many training and certification opportunities available during the event.

With over 1,000 Amazon-curated sessions to choose from and plenty of networking opportunities, the event is an important one for the tech industry. The topics range from application integration to artificial intelligence. There will also be hackathons and boot camps for attendees to improve their skills.

Keep Your Team Dedicated to Learning

Even at this late stage of the year, there are still many important IT conferences for professionals to learn from and enjoy. Any of the conferences mentioned above can present your team with an opportunity to learn, share, and network with reputable engineers and industry insiders – and may offer the exact inspiration you need to take your business to the next level.

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