Despite online communications, mail is still a critical part of business today. DME partners with FP Mailing Solutions so you can properly implement an efficient mailing solution for your business.


FP has been in the business of mailroom solutions since 1923 and has been operating in the United States for more than 50 years. They were the first company to introduce the automatic, electronic, and digital postage meters.


Whether your company is a start-up or an established company in Ohio, Michigan, and the surrounding states, your Midwest business can gain an edge through efficient mailing systems. And, whether your business is new to mailing systems or you need to upgrade, DME can help you with FP system setup.



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The 3 Benefits of an Efficient Mailing Solution

If you are an office manager, you are probably looking for ways to improve productivity while saving money. The right mailroom solution will help your business in the following ways:

1. Save Time

Manually taking packages to the post office takes up staff time. Manually putting postage on letters and packages does as well. With a good folder-inserter, your mailroom staff can also focus on more important tasks than manually folding letters and stuffing envelopes.

2. Save Money

A digital postage meter helps you keep better track of costs while saving money on postage. You can also save on personnel costs by keeping your mailroom staff lean and efficient. And, FP’s mailing software can help you, as office manager, determine the best ways to ship your packages by searching for the best rates.

3. Improve Professional Reputation

For the small business, having an FP mailing solution can help make your business appear more established. For example, if you are selling items over the Internet, a package with an official postage meter stamp looks much more professional than a bunch of licked stamps plastered haphazardly all over.

The 3 Components of an FP Mailing Solution

The components you use for your mailroom solution will depend on the size of your business, the amount of mail you process, and how much room you have for equipment.


A small start-up business might just start with a small postage meter, while a large company may need a more “industrial” sized solution that includes folding and sorting machines. Below are the 3 components of our mailing solution:

1. Postage Meter

The postage meter is the machine that prints out postage labels for use on your envelopes and packages. Depending on the type of postage machine, your meter can print out just the postage or a full mailing label that incorporates all the necessary shipping information.


A basic postage meter will print out postage but requires a separate scale. Some meters, like the PostBase econ, incorporate a large scale with the meter.

2. Folder-Inserter

The folder-inserter is a massive time saver that takes your paper content in a feeder just like a copy machine. The folder-inserter then folds the paper, stuffs it into the envelope, and even seals the envelope for you.

For mass mailings, a folder-inserter is truly a must-have for any business or non-profit organization. The cost, size, and features of the folder-inserter vary. For example, the FPi 2300 “Small Business Series” can actually fold paper for different sizes of envelopes, such as C6, C6/5 and C5 envelopes.

The basic small business model, the FPi 600, is about the size of a computer printer, and will handle a standard three-fold envelope insertion.

3. Postage Meter Software

FP’s postage meter software provides powerful features to enable you to track your postage costs as well as save money.

The software, first of all, helps control your postage meter. You can also use the software to identify the cheapest way to send or ship your items. It also offers the ability to create budgets using unlimited cost accounts. Many other financial features are also included to help track and report your postage costs.

Other Components of the FP Mailroom

Depending on your needs, you may want to take advantage of additional mailroom components offered by FP. Some of these helpful accessories include:

  • Digital scale: If your postage meter does not have one.
  • Address printer: To print out address labels.
  • Paper jogger: To align a stack of paper and remove harmful static buildup.
  • Tabbers, labelers, and stampers: These tools help automate other aspects of putting together a professional mailing.

DME with FP Mailing Solutions

DME can help your business choose and set up the appropriate FP mailroom solution for your needs. Contact us for more information about how an FP mailing solution can help your business.