Business communication used to be easy. Marketing was a catch phrase. Execution focused on billboards and print ads. Communication in the office was through a phone, a newsletter, and team meetings.

Today, your customers and prospects need more than advertisements and jingles to trust and purchase your product. Employees expect more than a newsletter, and businesses need more effective communication channels.

In fact, experts identify communication and collaboration as decisive factors in business success. The problem is communication technology has completely transformed business. Communication channels are numerous, deeper, and more robust than at any time in the past. Many companies aren’t effectively utilizing technology, and it’s hurting productivity and profit.

Digital signage provides businesses a communication edge. Savvy and successful companies are using it for internal communication as well as marketing to prospects and customers to extend the reach of their brand.

We’ll look at a few digital signage solutions and how companies are using the latest technology to deliver on business goals.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a technology used to deliver targeted content to an audience. LCD, digital projections, and LED display images, text, videos, and information. It is typically displayed in public areas like schools, businesses, stores, offices, and hospitals – anywhere an audience might need information.

In the past, digital signage was as simple as scrolling text on an LCD billboard. Today, advancements in digital technology provide new opportunities for customer engagement. Interactive interfaces and touchscreens allow users to control the experience. Businesses collect data for more powerful, targeted messages. Context-aware displays use sensors, cameras, and RFID chips to provide timely and personalized information for the audience.

Digital signage has the modern world in its grip. With information updated in real time, many organizations use digital signage for wayfinding, traffic updates, and communication. For example, menus, notifications, and event schedules can be displayed and updated for an audience.

This technology is not only useful, but powerful as well. Smart companies are continually finding new ways to connect with employees and customers with digital signage.

Digital Signage Solutions for Business

Digital signage is disrupting how businesses operate. Let’s look at a few ways businesses are using this  technology, including products like video walls, to increase communication and collaboration.

1. Digital Signage and Your Website

Many businesses focus on not just a product, but also the user experience. The user experience begins on the website, with customers starting their buyer’s journey doing research. Digital signage allows businesses to extend the website experience to retail locations.

Interactive displays in the retail store or restaurant provide customers access to the website. Video walls, or a coordinated, multi-monitor display that transforms into a massive screen, delivers the look and feel of the website at a physical location. Deals on the site can be matched in the real world, enhancing the buying experience in the store.

Digital signage solutions are a perfect tool for creating a tailored buyer’s journey. By matching the website experience at a physical location, you can create a single, seamless experience that customers appreciate.

2. Content Marketing and Digital Signage Solutions

Sales have fundamentally changed. Modern shoppers are too smart, and too jaded, to be influenced by a sales pitch. Customers have access to more information. They want to research before making a purchase. Content marketing provides that experience and closes sales. Digital signage extends the reach of your content.

The goal of content marketing is to deliver valuable and relevant information to a targeted audience, motivating customer action. Companies typically use social media to distribute content. Digital signage provides another channel for engaging customers with content.

Imagine using an interactive display with a quiz or survey a prospect can use to choose a product, putting them in control of the sales process. Set up a small display next to a product like a car or computer and use customer testimonials to close the sale, rather than a pushy salesman. Think of digital signage solutions as another opportunity to reuse content during the buyer’s journey.

3. Interactive Digital Signage and Your Employees

As powerful as digital signage is for the buyer’s journey, it can be just as powerful for your employees as well. Companies are constantly looking for ways to motivate and inspire employees and support business processes in the workplace. Digital signage solutions provide an integrated and easy-to-implement solution.

Place a video wall or a board in the lunchroom, then post useful information such as announcements and reminders. Mix business updates with information about employees that recognize their contribution and success. Provide safety tips, productivity hacks, and policy updates. Keep your content useful, fun, and engaging, and you’ll see improved productivity and efficiency.

A Final Word on Digital Signage

Communication and collaboration are critical to business success. Smart companies relying on the latest technology, like digital signage, to improve communication are quickly seeing the benefits.

Ready to explore the possibilities of digital signage for your business? Contact Donnellon McCarthy for a tailored communication solution designed for your requirements.