Environmental Focus: DME’s Sustainability Initiatives

Businesses are quickly realizing how important going green can be. Sustainability initiatives deliver significant cost savings as well as other benefits like a positive brand image and increased employee engagement.

Both small and Fortune 500 companies alike are making strides to not only lessen their environmental impact, but also appeal to customers who demand eco-friendly changes. Everyone wants to do their part to improve the world, but how do you get started? What’s a logical first step for your business?

We’ll look at how important sustainability is for business. We’ll also look at how companies like Donnellon McCarthy are making it easy to start going green today.

Global Sustainability Initiatives Become Local Concerns

Today’s practices were built on the initial efforts that sprang from the energy crisis in the 1970s. President Carter pushed America to conserve energy and eliminate waste in speeches to the nation. During that time, state and local governments in developing countries began their own smaller-scale policies.

Governments and businesses built upon public awareness by investing in green initiatives. They began recycling and invested in renewable energies. Since then, a desire to become eco-friendlier has created an entire industry of businesses, products, and services offering small and large companies a cost-effective way to implement sustainability initiatives and go green.

Sustainability Initiatives for Your Business

A recent article noted 90% of CEOs identify sustainability as fundamental for success. They see benefits beyond financial or goodwill for going green.

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank for going green. By working with DME, there are steps you can take right now to increase sustainability. We can help your business decrease its environmental impact, increase savings, and generate goodwill.

Here’s how:

1. Invest in Energy Star

Americans have purchased more than $100 billion Energy Star-certified products. This includes printers that have received EPA certification for high standards of energy efficiency. DME uses only products from manufacturers who offer Energy Star-qualified devices. When you work with DME, you’ll see lower energy costs overhead with every Energy Star-qualified device installed.

2. Properly Dispose of Equipment

The right IT partner will ensure that all products are responsibly and safely disassembled and disposed. They won’t throw potentially dangerous equipment in landfills. DME has made properly disposing or recycling of all equipment a corporate initiative.

We recycle 100% of the collected toner cartridges. These practices decrease the chance of leakage, unnecessary landfill waste, and environmental contamination. This also lowers your regulatory risk, ensuring you meet state and federal guidelines.

3. Switch to Paperless

Waste not, want not should be a mantra for companies who care about the bottom line and our world. Let DME help you cut down on the number of useless paper copies floating around by saving your current and past records and documents as electronic files.

Our document capture solutions like Managed Document Services (MDS) can help. Thanks to MDS, not only will information be easier to find, providing rocket fuel to employee productivity, but it will also be more secure.

4. Managed Print Services Cuts Costs and Increases Efficiency

Managed print services are a great way to start your green initiatives. DME’s Managed Print Services does more than maintain your printers, they can evaluate your workflow and print usage. Our experts make suggestions for improvement. We’ll review your devices, how they’re used, and provide tips to jumpstart sustainability initiatives. For many companies, that means replacing old printers with Energy Star-qualified devices.

The review can also be shared in the office, helping change behavior across the company. For example, when you must print a document, try switching to duplex printing to reduce paper usage. DME can work with you to find the right printing solution for your business.

5. Work with a Partner That Encourages Eco-Friendly Employee Practices

DME has made sustainability initiatives a priority. We’ve partnered with other companies that have gone green like Toshiba, Savin, and Clover Imaging Group. It helps us ensure we are not only providing the highest level of service to our clients, but doing so in a way that promotes sustainability across your business.

Start Your Sustainability Initiatives Today

For many companies, a sustainability initiative is a priority, but never a top priority. For business leaders, there is always another priority, or another initiative, that must be accomplished first.

DME makes it easy to implement green practices without breaking the budget or hurting productivity. In fact, most of the tips and services on this list can be accomplished within your already existing workflow. You save time and money while having a positive impact on the world.

Start your sustainability initiative. Contact Donnellon McCarthy now to speak with an expert on how you can save time, increase efficiency, and work green today.

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