School administration is hard work. Even simple tasks can get mired in a complex system of processing, approval, communication and generating costs for students and teachers alike.

At the district level, administration becomes even more challenging. District offices need to keep multiple schools in line and organized towards common, standardized goals. They need to operate with transparency while allowing multiple locations to view and input documents necessary for the schools’ continued operation.

At the same time, both schools and district offices need to handle purchasing and accounting processes. The faster and more transparent these processes are, the easier oversight and administration become.

Best-in-class document management software represents a critical step towards optimizing document workflows in the education environment. Schools and districts that implement a document management system enable themselves to complete complex tasks with modern efficiency.

There are many document management products available on the market. DocuWare offers the best document management solution for schools and universities. It is uniquely attuned to the needs of school administrators, educators, and students alike.

DocuWare – The Answer to School Document Management

Schools and academic institutions are historically paper-oriented organizations. From student handouts to administrative documents, teachers, professors, and educational staff are more likely to use paper than most other professionals in the modern economy.

There are many areas where paper is preferable to digital documentation, like text books and student worksheets. But the vast majority of paper use in the academic environment is of a secondary nature. For instance, consider school invoices, packing slips, and purchase orders documentation.

These kinds of papers are the easiest and most cost-effective documents to begin managing as digital files in a document management system. This is where educational institutions can earn the greatest savings by automating tasks and transforming them into a digital, paperless processes.

5 Benefits of Implementing DocuWare for Schools

Most schools and institutions begin DocuWare implementation with individual tasks and processes, gradually building up to fully automated document management as time goes on. As office administration tasks become easier and more efficient, new opportunities to use DocuWare for schools open up.

1. Reduced Invoice Approval Time

With DocuWare, approving invoices is significantly simpler than it is with paper documents. While office employees must scan, copy, and print paper invoices, digital documents are significantly easier to work with. When recipients don’t immediately reply, there is no need to recopy and re-send documentation – a simple email is enough to get the process moving along.

2. Transparent Approval Processes

With DocuWare for schools, approving purchases and invoices is not only faster, it is more visible as well. The process of approving purchases no longer requires verifying each item of information against a mountain of paperwork – it is as simple as cross-referencing digital files on a single display, open to any administrator with sufficient privileges.

3. Real-Time Access to Vendor Information

Education staff and administrators need to have quick, reliable access to vendor information in order to make informed purchase decisions. DocuWare allows educators to communicate more effectively with office administrators and management, making sure that supplies and services are always available on time.

4. On-Demand Compliance

Education is highly regulated, and oversight of educational spending and processes is strict. Both public and private academic institutions often expend significant resources just keeping up with compliance concerns – especially when it comes to digital data and cybersecurity. DocuWare allows educators to enjoy on-demand compliance directly from their document management software provider.

5. Lower Costs, Greater Flexibility

As a cloud-based document management system, DocuWare’s technological infrastructure is ideally suited to the concerns of the 21st century. By reducing reliance on printing, scanning, and copying paper documents, schools save money on nearly all of their otherwise paper-oriented processes.

Cloud technology allows schools to scale their infrastructure up and down as needed. Instead of purchasing and maintaining expensive on-site equipment, DocuWare allows educators to enjoy best-in-class technology whenever and wherever it is needed.

6. Built-in Compatibility

Schools that need invoice processing solutions that are compatible with their existing technology will find an ideal solution in DocuWare. The document management software integrates with hundreds of existing financial applications, and can easily be integrated with purpose-built applications. It supports modern compliance and auditing processes like versioning, encryption, and automatic folder filing.

Is Your School or Academic Institution Ready to Invest in DocuWare?

Implementing a document management system can transform the educational environment. It does this by automating complex processes and enabling faster, more accurate communication between educators and vendors.

If your school, university, or academic organization is spending too much time approving financial documents or communicating with vendors, it may be time to improve your document infrastructure. DocuWare offers the most cost-effective solution for future-oriented schools to improve their processes.

Talk to an education technology expert about the potential impact of implementing DocuWare at your school. Optimize your document processes with the help of DME expertise!