Smart boards are a lot more than they appear. With uses in both business and education, these interactive whiteboards are changing the face of presentation technology. They also sport impressive computing power and have software applications that will affect anything from quiz taking to business presentations. Integrating these tools into classrooms is revolutionizing the way students learn.

Smart Boards in the Classroom

As a relatively new technology, some teachers and school administrators may be wondering, what is a smart board? Essentially, it’s an interactive whiteboard. Uses of these devices in the classroom are growing rapidly and becoming an essential learning tool.

Students will benefit from the improved learning experience. History lessons, among other subjects, can be enhanced with rich visuals on the screen and even demonstrate a high school biology level dissection of a frog.

This means they are applicable to every grade, from kindergarten to college, these devices are revolutionizing learning experiences. When asked, what is a smart board, educators can confidently explain that they are the next step in educational presentation technology.                                             

How Smart Boards Are Making Smart Classrooms

Interactive whiteboards have incredible abilities in terms of machine intelligence and can connect to multiple classroom computers, keeping students engaged with material designed by teachers.

Interactive whiteboards can change the way that multiple choice quizzes are taken as students can utilize clicker remotes to answer questions displayed on the screen. Interactive whiteboards can engage with students through their individual devices and streamline material to them in real-time.

Smart Boards Have Smart Prices

These tools are a smart choice in value when it comes to price. The value in improved learning experiences will offset the cost and make these devices a sound investment. A high-quality smart board can fetch around $4,000. Schools with larger classrooms will benefit more substantially than those with smaller classrooms.

Go Green with Low Maintenance Smart Boards

They also come with low maintenance requirements, which make them a great value for schools. Better yet, they are simple to use. Equipped with access to the internet, they make the presentation of learning material easier and more fun. This connectivity allows teachers to offer online resources that apply to their assignments.

Using interactive whiteboards in the classroom are a trendy way to go green. These devices are highly energy efficient. The most tangible green advantage is the tremendous reduction in printing paper and ink. The heavy use of ink and paper in schools generates considerable waste and represents a significant expense on their budgets.

Smart Boards are Being Embraced Worldwide

Interactive whiteboards in classrooms are becoming a rapidly growing trend. These interactive whiteboards have been sold and installed in over 250,000 classrooms. This is changing the student learning experience around the world. In the United States alone, these tools are being used in all fifty states including in the top 500 school districts. Spain, Mexico, and Australia have also embraced the use of interactive whiteboards in efforts to keep students on par with technical competence. Germany has installed a minimum of two interactive whiteboards in every school. Teachers in Germany are also sent to receive technical training on how to integrate them into their lessons. Technical competence is becoming a bigger part of education at an incredibly rapid pace. For teachers and students alike, falling behind is not an option.

Smart Boards Are Making Smarter Teachers

As schools go heavy on tech, teachers are becoming more familiar with technology by necessity. Operating a smart board in a classroom is simple after getting familiar with the technology. Simple steps have to be taken to utilize these fantastic teaching tools fully. For instance, teachers have them oriented or aligned, the purpose of aligning it is to make it register finger movements properly. Simply hold down the keyboard button and make a right click. This will initiate the alignment process and make the device ready for use.

To save notes for later use, teachers can simply use the icon that resembles a camera. Educators also have the option of selecting specific parts of their notes to save, which allows for greater customization and flexibility of use.

Make the Smart Choice for Your School

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