Customer data protection is a major concern and a hot topic, especially when discussing cybersecurity for law firms and tax professionals. When tax season comes around this becomes even more important as it is a time when customer information is targeted more aggressively. Here’s some expert data security advice for firms looking to stay ahead of the game this tax season and keep their clients safe.

How Tax Professionals Are at Risk

Tax preparers are at risk from cybercriminal threats who may target them for the sensitive information they protect. They are especially ripe targets for identity theft which more tax preparers are experiencing every year as the rate of these attacks keeps climbing.

While implementing security protocols for staff to follow can help. Changing passwords every 60-90 days, for example, is good practice. Plans should also be put in place to handle data breaches and provisions be made to advise taxpayers when their information has been compromised. Also, be sure to keep all physical data storage media such as flash drives secure so that the only point of access can be from the outside through the network connection. Office hardware should be equipped with strong anti-virus software and encryption. Finally, tax preparers should invest heavily in wireless network security and managed services such as those offered by industry leaders like Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises.

However, it’ll take more than that to provide ample protection. These protocols should be coupled with a powerful security service, and software that can keep personal and tax information out of the wrong hands.

Be Proactive, Take the Lead in Safeguarding Customer Information

Tax scams are growing more sophisticated as evidenced by an attack that was done by hacking tax firms and filing fraudulent tax refund requests. They followed up by posing as a debt collection agency to have the refund money pulled from the taxpayer’s accounts. With tax scams becoming an art form, firms need to go on the offensive.

Being proactive is key, and it’s something that customers appreciate. Most of them won’t know the full extent of what goes into customer data protection, but if there is a data breach, they will immediately notice that. Take the worry out of it with these data security tips.

How Tax Preparers Can Benefit from Managed Network and Document Services

Two of the greatest data security tools available to tax preparers and legal firms are managed network and document services. Each of them provides strong security features in two key areas, the office network, and all of its documents.

Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services provide security to company networks and is extremely advisable to have as a tax preparer. These services feature online backups and antivirus management, both of which are important to have as a responsible and forward-thinking custodian of taxpayer information. A Managed Network Service involves managing the servers and digital infrastructure of the office.

Managed Document Services

Managed Document Services, or DMSs, provide a layer of security over all of the electronically stored documents in the office. They also furnish additional essential services like Donnellon McCarthy’s Print Job Routing Solutions.

This service means tax preparers can rest easy knowing their information is secure in tax season and all year round. It also means coordinating print jobs will be made much easier with the routing solution mentioned above. These two key benefits are advantages that no tax preparer should be without.

Cybersecurity for Law Firms

It should also be pointed out that similar to tax preparers, law firms also have the unique position of possessing particularly sensitive client information. While this is a point of pride, it also makes them rather lucrative targets for cybercriminals with the know how to siphon their customer data.

Law firms can also benefit from Managed Network Services as well as having a DMS. Their networks are just as sensitive as that of a tax preparer’s, and both require extensive protection, the kind of protection that only Managed Network Services can provide.

With intensive printing outputs, law firms also stand to gain from the use of a reliable DMS. The print routing solutions can make a difference in the office. With a DMS, printing is made more efficient and reduces costs. Overall, having a Managed Network Service and a DMS is good for business.

Partner with Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises and Stay Secure All Year

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises is a leader to follow in the Managed Network Services and DMS market. Law firms and tax preparers alike can grow with us when they enlist our services. These services are above the industry standard. They have brought success and peace of mind to businesses and government firms of all manner.

Based in Cincinnati Ohio and serving the globe, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises keeps businesses efficient, competitive and secure.

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