Cyber-attacks are one of the most perilous events to befall a school. Not only is teacher and staff information at risk, but student information is also vulnerable, especially with so many kids using smartphones today. A data breach can really throw a wrench into the daily operations of a school, but don’t fret now, here’s what educators need to know about cybersecurity in schools and how to maintain proper network security.

Keeping Students Safe with Smart Schools

Student use of smartphones and school computers represents a significant risk that can’t be ignored. Considering how many fully grown adults incur viruses from imprudently opening suspicious spam emails, it’s quite miraculous that more kids don’t encounter more of them when using technology at school.

Smart schools are employing the services of managed network services with strong security capabilities. This is a proactive trend that is making these facilities safer and reducing the potential for school cyber-attacks. It also reduces the chances of having a school data breach.

Keep Your Device Drivers Updated With Best in Class Software

Students in schools across the country have experienced computer viruses contracted either at or from school. Laptops that were given to students of Lake Washington schools were laced with viruses and caused widespread disruption.

Over 25,000 laptop computers were infected, and over 50 schools were affected including the district office and elementary schools. To clean up the mess temporary IT professionals were brought in to work on the infected laptops.

School staff at all levels including educators and other employees must maintain and exercise adequate security practices. Failure to do so can result in extensive and thoroughly uncomfortable investigations by law enforcement when things go wrong.

Guard Against the Uptick in Students who Hack Their Own Schools

The news is rife with stories about mysterious criminal types hacking into schools to steal student and employee information, especially financial information. However, students have also been hacking into their own schools at alarming rates. This represents a unique kind of threat that not all schools are equipped to handle by themselves.

Students acting out in frustration have been causing unprecedented amounts of damage to their schools. One such student, a 16-year-old high schooler, who was acting out in frustration against his teachers hacked into the Osaka Board of Education’s server.  This attack was particularly severe and took down 444 school networks. The schools that were affected ranged from elementary to high school.

A 15-year-old with harmful intent used a password lifted from an employee of Bay House school used it to expose the medical and other personal information of thousands of students. The private information of 13,000 adults was also leaked.

When reading a story like this, one would expect that the 15-year-old bore the brunt of the consequences, however, the school itself was actually found to have violated the data protection act. Don’t let this happen, hire a managed network service instead and enjoy full security coverage. The security these services provide is invaluable, and no school should be without it.

Cybersecurity Tips for Schools

Here are some security tips that schools can follow, but keep in mind there is only so much they can do without the added protections of a managed network service. First of all, it is absolutely imperative to develop and enforce strict password creating rules, especially considering the story mentioned above.

Secondly, school network administrators need to be sharp at all times as they are on the frontlines of cybersecurity enforcement in schools. This means that they should ensure that no students have the opportunity to install new programs on school computers as this leads to downloading harmful malware.

They are also responsible for ensuring that the school’s firewalls are sufficiently robust and properly updated. Not all schools can find local professionals with the technical expertise to do the job effectively, making managed network services an attractive alternative. Maintaining network security in schools is a huge responsibility and helps prevent school cyber-attacks.

Finding the Best Managed Network Services for School Systems

Finding the right managed network service provider can be a challenge without the right information. School systems should partner with the most reliable services in the field. Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises is arguably the best choice for schools of all sizes.

Their network security services will give schools peace of mind by keeping their networks secure and impenetrable to intruders inside and out. These services should be sought proactively. No one wants to have the mess associated with having violated the data protection act or suffer a data breach.

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises, the Right Choice in Managed Network Services for Schools

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises has the power and expertise to keep schools safe from hackers so teachers can go on doing what they do best without stressing over frightening school cyber-attacks.

Giving peace of mind is a responsibility the company takes seriously and has made their services the premier choice for schools of all sizes.

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