School budgets are as tight as ever as educational institutions around the country are strapped for cash and relying on limited government funding. Printers are one of the most vital components in the school environment. This is often overlooked, but any school can tell you printing is a major and frequent function in schools. Finding the right printer is an important decision because every dollar counts. Here are some of the best printers for schools on the market.

Finding the Best Printers for Schools, Things to Consider

When it comes to finding the best printer for schools, there is no single choice that will work for everyone. Different schools have different and unique needs, although these needs do tend to share many similarities. Let’s take a look at some of the printers that are generally best suited for school environments and their workloads.

When making an important decision like what printer to buy for the school, take these factors into account to make the wisest decision.

Laser or Inkjet

Before looking at all the bells and whistles, the first thing to decide is whether an inkjet or laser printer would be the better choice.

They both have pros and cons that will help narrow it down and make for an easier decision. For instance, inkjet printers are best for schools who value high-quality image printing. Schools that produce a lot of documents with crisp images should go with inkjet printers which have better picture quality.

On the other hand, laser printers are a great value for schools who are not discerning as far as picture quality. These printers can print large volumes of copies very quickly. They are economical workhorses that can handle intensive printing needs.

Heavy on Features or on the Lighter Side?

Depending on factors like budget and floor space, schools may opt for either an all-in-one multifunction printer or purchasing a printer and a photocopier separately. Multifunction printers are powerful and incredibly useful in most cases and can be especially advisable in schools with smaller copy rooms.

It’s All About Speed, or Is it?

Speed can be an important factor for some schools, but not all. If speed is a critical need, such as in schools with intensive printing needs, a laser printer would be the best choice. However, if the copy room has tumbleweeds rolling through it, there’s no sense plunking down extra cash for faster printers if there’s typically no rush when printing. This can be especially true of smaller schools who print less overall. These schools also have tighter budgets and should focus on reliability.

How Having a Professionally Managed Print Service Benefits Schools

Schools that have a Managed Print Service are more efficient and enjoy lower costs. Managed Print Services can provide schools with a detailed analysis of the cost per page to optimize their print environments and save money.

No school should be without a reliable Managed Print Service. These services are becoming an essential part of the economy and help keep school budgets on track. Cost benefits aside, the increased efficiency in printing output and operation will make a noticeable difference.

Find the right Printer and the Partner to Manage it with Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises

Donellon McCarthy Enterprises can help guide schools in finding the perfect classroom printers for their needs. Classroom printers are an important part of the overall school environment and should be optimized for teachers so they can better serve students in turn. As an industry leader, they also make a smart choice as a Managed Print Service. This cost saving service makes schools more competitive and keeps their budgets healthier by reducing printing expenses.

Talk to Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises to learn more about choosing the best printers for schools. Also, be sure to ask about their Managed Print Services and how they can help keep costs down.