Keeping personal data private is becoming more critical than ever. Years ago some innocent minded individuals remained relatively unconcerned by the digitization of personal information. The outlook was that as long as they didn’t have anything to hide, they saw no reason to be concerned by the rapid advances in technology and its impact on privacy in recent years. Fortunately, this way of thinking is changing as more people see the harm that is possible from even the most minuscule bits of their personal information.

Why Protecting Personal Information Is Important in 2019

The rise in the number and sophistication of cybercrime makes it more critical than ever to have extensive protection for personal information in 2019. In today’s world, everyone should know how to keep secure data.  Here are the keys to exercising personal information security and tips to protect personal information online.

Avoid Storing Personal Information at Work

It’s important to remember the kind of personal information that people bring with them into work. Bringing personal information to the workplace is often overlooked and can be a dangerous oversight. In organizations that still have loopholes for using Facebook and social media at work, every bit of personal information introduced at the workplace can risk exposure if the company’s systems become compromised.

Things that are particularly important to avoid storing on work computers are personal pictures, videos, and humor such as video jokes that can be taken as offensive. All of these things can be potentially damaging if the company becomes compromised or if coworkers expose the information.

As mentioned previously, video jokes or inappropriate material can be particularly damaging. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s too extreme to share with coworkers, then do not store it on a work computer. Having this information exposed can ruin a career; it’s just not worth it.

Another thing to avoid storing on work computers is any information related to a side job. If the information is accidentally exposed it can mean the end of a job, bosses tend not to appreciate seeing that kind of information.

Government Workers Are Also at Risk

Employees of private companies are not the only people at risk; government staff including at the Federal level are also targets. Chinese hackers have already stolen information on over four million employees of the Federal government.

Keeping Personal Data Safe

Here are some essential tips on how to keep personal data safe. Always turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when not using them. Hackers can set up fake networks that devices will connect to when Wi-Fi is left on. When this happens, the device becomes compromised, and sensitive personal information can be siphoned, exposed, or otherwise abused.

Analyze Data Policies on Apps Carefully

One way to be proactive about protecting personal information is to take a careful look at data policies on apps before downloading them. Analyzing data policies on an app before using it is one of the smartest preventative measures one can take to safeguard their personal information. Some apps have data policies that overtly disclose potentially uncomfortable liberties in collecting personal information as part of the agreement in using them.

These apps are generally best avoided, especially for those who take the security of their personal information seriously.

Don’t Post Potentially Sensitive Information

Some folks don’t realize how damaging the information they post on social media can be. While it’s understandable that people would want to post about their vacations on social media, this information can be used when someone is away from home. Furthermore, if someone adds their place of residence to their social media profile, then a savvy criminal could plan the perfect heist.

Unfortunately, pictures of one’s children generally shouldn’t be posted on social media. The reason for this is the rise of a disturbing trend called digital kidnapping.

Mask the IP Address

One of the most effective ways to keep personal information secure is to mask the IP address. By doing this, individuals can spare themselves from the barrage of undesirable data collection tools encountered on almost every web site, such as cookies.

The IP address can be masked with data layer protocols. Savvy individuals take advantage of this sophisticated layer of protection of personal information that is mostly undisturbed.

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