Classrooms in 2019 are rapidly changing as each wave of technology brings new devices to be incorporated. While some of these innovations are frivolous gimmicks, others like interactive whiteboards are essential edtech that no school should be without this year. Here’s a look at some of the most critical technology in the classroom today.

Why Classrooms Need to Keep Up with Technology

Schools have been struggling to keep up with technology, and this has had a significant impact on the quality of education. Educators look at technology as an essential part of preparing students with real-world skills that will help them succeed in future endeavors like college and entering the job market.

Working and studying in 2019 often involves a significant level of technical proficiency. If students do not learn this proficiency, they will be in poor condition to compete in the modern market.

One of the biggest reasons that schools often struggle to keep up with technology is because of tight budgets and lack of government funding. The limitations in funding restrict both school’s ability to purchase new equipment and pay for additional staff training.

Google Classroom, Edtech Software for Modern Schools

Google Classroom is an excellent tool for teachers looking to get the most out of technology in 2019. The program also offers advanced grading features. These features provide reliable grading while providing personalized responses and feedback. Personalized feedback is an area where most software solutions fall short. However, Google Classroom has it down pat and can be of great use to schools in 2019.

Classwork Page is a component of Google Classroom and helps teachers organize assignments. Assignments are easily organized into topics, while modules and the program offer impressive flexibility.

Drag and drop are now available for Classwork Page. Teachers who have used the product before will greatly appreciate this innovation as it allows more customization in planning their curriculums. Topics can be dragged and dropped into different locations on the Classwork Page.

Writable Surfaces, an Innovation No School Should Be Without in 2019

Writable surfaces are an innovative way to encourage learning and get more function out of ordinary surfaces. By applying whiteboard paint, teachers can make creative surfaces such as writable desks. Interactive surfaces keep students engaged instead of testing their patients by having them simply sit at their desk receiving lectures.

As any teacher would know, engagement is key to fun and effective learning experiences. Schools should take every opportunity to increase student engagement.

Advantages of Learning Software Solutions in the Classroom

Some of the most critical advantages of implementing learning software in the classroom are the increase seen in student retention and lighter workloads on teachers. These two benefits augment each other and improve the overall quality of instruction.

Digital component supports higher rates of knowledge retention and can be made more effective with the addition of AI tutors. These AI tutors can track student performance and make inferences on what their strengths and weaknesses are. Teachers can then use the information on students to plan and build on their strengths while improving their weak spots.

A teacher’s workload is reduced significantly with the effective use of the software. Specialized software can be used to grade, assign, and assess homework assignments. Putting all of these features on one platform makes it easy for teachers to streamline their work which reduces strain and lets them concentrate on what they do best, teaching.

Edtech Software Enhances Communication

Edtech software indeed is some of the best technology in the classroom and even enhances the quality and ease of communication between students and their teachers.

Another feature of edtech software is communication channels for parents to voice their concerns. Altogether edtech software allows for significant improvements in transparency in schools that were not feasible in years past.

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