Hackers have grown bolder and more sophisticated in recent years making it even more critical to have strong security measures in the organization. One of the cornerstones of security in businesses is the generation of strong passwords. While this seems relatively simple in concept, there’s a lot more to it. Here’s what firms need to know about skirting hackers with strong passwords.

Stronger Passwords Are Becoming More Important

Startlingly, there were a plethora of extremely weak and ineffective passwords in use as recently as last year in 2018. Passwords based principally off of sequential numbers, names of sports such as football, and even simply the word admin. Most concerning perhaps is that the number one most common password in 2018 was 123456. The world is changing, and everyone is at risk especially businesses. Firms today need to take security seriously lest they suffer the massive financial losses that come from hacking threats such as a data breach.

Don’t forget tech titan Mark Zuckerberg’s password was “Dadada,” which the public discovered when Zuckerberg’s social media accounts ended up hacked into. Mr. Zuckerberg’s misfortune in this matter serves as an example as to why it’s imperative to have a strong password.

The Importance of Password Management

Password strength is at the heart of the best password security practices. The initial strength of a password can make or break a hacking assault on company data. Keep in mind; however, that password strength is not the only metric. Password management is also essential, and protocols should be in place to ensure that users change their passwords regularly.

Passwords should never be emailed, and avoid entering information on sites that do not feature HTTPS. These are simple but effective ways to make password protection more effective.

 Building Stronger Passwords

One of the most important rules is never to use the same password on multiple accounts. If one of these accounts ends up hacked, the password can be used to compromise additional accounts.

Especially clever passwords will supplant letters with comparable symbols such as using a 1 for an l etc. Always avoid using words from the dictionary and use two-step verification.

Other symbols such as #,$,%,&,@, and * also make passwords stronger, the key is to use them in a way that users can remember them easily. Passwords should never be written down on paper although 50% of people do.

Passwords vs. Passphrases, and Why Passphrases May Be the Better Choice

Clever firms will think of passwords as something more like passphrases. Using passphrases as opposed to singular passwords are more secure because they are longer and more complex. Keep in mind that both users and admin should use passphrases.

Passphrases are essentially really long passwords. They are easy to remember but almost impossible to guess. Anyone interested in keeping either personal or work information secure should use passphrases instead of single words.

Although it is not recommended to use the names of people, places or dictionary words, these can be used together to form a strong password.

Password Management Software Is the Answer

Password management software is the key to avoiding being hacked. These incredible tools not only know how to make up a password but the best password. Using password management software is among the best password security practices. The password strength generated by password management software is powerful and in many cases superior to what most people could think of themselves.

Password managers also remember passwords and act as storehouses that will make sure one has access to passwords at all times. Having a password manager is especially convenient for storing and accessing passwords that are particularly sophisticated and difficult to remember.

What to Look for in Password Management Software

Here are things to look for when shopping for password management software. Be sure to find one that supports single device and offline capability. The ability to use the software offline is an important feature to have.

The user interface of the password manager is also an important factor. Customers look for ease of use and visual appeal.

Some password managers allow users to choose either storing passwords in an encrypted vault on their hard drive, or syncing devices and accessing them through the web. Choosing between those options comes down to a matter of personal preference as both are potentially convenient.

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