One of the most critical components of business today is telecommunications. Globalization has made telecommunications a vital part of any business today, and any improvement to it will also benefit businesses. Here’s what forward-thinking managers should know about how they can enhance telecommunications with an erate program.

What Is the E Rate Program?

Created in 1997, the E Rate program distributes and facilitates substantial discounts to eligible organizations for acquiring telecommunication services. Organizations that are of special interest to the E Rate Program are schools and libraries in rural areas.

The E Rate program can furnish discounts on telecommunications services totaling up to 90%. That staggering figure is great news for cash strapped schools and libraries who are pinching every penny while trying to keep up with technology.

How the E Rate Program Can be Used to Help Schools and Libraries

The E Rate program helps both schools and libraries by making discounts available to them for purchasing telecommunication services that they would otherwise be unable to afford.

What Telecommunication Services Can do for Schools

Telecommunications services offer special benefits that are incredibly important to schools in particular. With the demand for schools to feature more advanced technology growing by the year, telecommunication services are at the heart of keeping up with these changes.

Electronic Bulletin Boards

Electronic bulletin boards are becoming vital when it comes to school technology; however, the expense prevents many from making the purchase. By receiving funds and discounts from the E Rate program, schools can afford these tools.

Schools can use electronic bulletin boards in teacher’s lounges to augment information flow and act as an electronic forum for messages, notes, questions, and answers all on one platform.

What Document Management Software Like DocuWare Can do for Schools

Document management in schools is particularly important at the administrative level. School districts thrive on fluid information flow and transparency.  Technology like DocuWare is at the heart of providing ease inflow of information and transparency; however many schools cannot afford many of the most important features that technology has to offer.

Another feature DocuWare offers to schools is ease of compliance. With compliance concerns built into the software, DocuWare makes sure documents are both safe and compliant with the many government regulations that affect schools.

DocuWare is a powerful document management tool for schools. One thing that sets DocuWare apart is that it that it’s design was built with schools and educators in mind.

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises is proud to offer DocuWare to schools everywhere and help districts manage information flow and transparency like never before.

How Telecommunication Services Power Online Schools

Online schools and colleges have become more common, and some have even become leaders in learning. These schools, in particular, are heavy users of telecommunications technologies. These classes are held online, meaning they wouldn’t be able to function without these services.

Online schools should pursue the E Rate program and get discounts on telecommunications services to stay efficient and deliver the best quality in instruction.

Special Uses for Information and Communication Technology, or ICT in Schools

ICT involves technology that makes schools smarter such as interactive whiteboards, tablets, and student laptops. Of these three things, interactive whiteboards are perhaps the most important to have in schools today.

Interactive whiteboards also known as smartboards increase student engagement significantly and are tools that every forward-thinking school should invest in.

Student laptops are also important as computer skills are rapidly becoming one of the best skills to have in preparation for the job market.

Telecommunication Saves Money

Telecommunication also saves schools tremendous amounts of money as a form of communication and document management. The more documents sent electronically, the less the cost of printing will be. Less printing means less paper and less ink, all of which add up to some tremendous cost savings that school budgets will appreciate.

How Telecommunication Helps Teachers Collaborate

Teachers in rural schools or schools with low funding that are poorly technologically equipped can benefit from using the E Rate program to gain access to telecommunication options. Telecommunication can be used to facilitate e-conferences and allows teachers to collaborate from thousands of miles away. The exchange of information benefits students and teachers.

Navigate the E Rate Program and Grow with Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises

Get help navigating the E Rate program to make the most of it with Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises. As a long-standing industry leader, Donnellon McCarthy is committed to providing schools and other organizations with the best services available on the market. Their managed services and affiliation with interactive whiteboards are perfect for schools of all budgets and sizes.

Don’t fall behind, get funding from the E Rate program and receive best in class telecommunication service. Have a chat with the telecommunications experts at Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises today.