Deciding on what kind of copier to buy for legal offices can be tricky, no matter the size of the firm. With many options to choose from, there will be a few things to consider first before finalizing the purchase.

What to Look for When Picking a Copier

When looking online at print supply or office supply stores for the correct copier for each exact firm’s needs, keep these things in mind:

  • Speed – In law offices, the minimum speed is 20 pages per minute, and shared printers, 50 pages per minute. Anything less will not do the jobs that need to be done.
  • Paper size – Most copiers are equipped with 8.5×11 and 8.5×14 paper sizes, but if larger sizes are needed, one can pay a little extra for it, making it cost effective in the end.
  • Cost per copy – The largest thing to consider when looking into copiers, is the cost per copy. Small firms think they are saving money by going cheap, but end up spending more, in the end, having to buy cartridges for years. Do some research first.
  • Extras – Copiers usually are just that, built for copying, but some can come with extra features like offset stacking, three-hole punching, collating, and stapling.
  • Volume each month – Copiers have a normal year-long lifespan, starting to have difficulties after a few years. Looking into copiers that can be used for more years will make things worthwhile.

If there are multiple copiers on the table, do some math, and see which one will work for all the firm’s needs. Rule of thumb is to look at replacing the copier about every three or so years, making it last longer and budgeted accordingly.

What Are the Options? Finding the Best Copier for Law Office Use

With so many copiers on the market all vying to capture higher market shares, it can be hard to decide on which brand is most suitable for use in a legal office. Professionals working in law firms need copiers that will perform and provide many years of reliable service.

Certain brands are a waste of money and produce cheap copiers that look like a way to save, but actually, end up costing a lot more money by the costs generated by downtime when they inevitably break down.

One of the worst things that can happen to besmirch an attorney’s day is to be due in court when the office copier isn’t working. Bottlenecks like that can cost a case, and in the worst scenarios, much more than the case itself.

Don’t suffer from inferior products, here are the top brands to look for in a copy machine.


No discussion of high-quality copiers would be complete without mentioning Toshiba. As one of the most revered and well-performing brands, Toshiba’s copy machines are an excellent choice for law offices of any size.

Toshiba copiers are among the highest ranking brands in copy machine reviews. The Toshiba e-STUDIO3555C is especially advantageous for small to mid-sized law offices as it features a self-encrypting drive and a base paper capacity of 1,100 sheets.


Savin is one of the most reliable economy brands and delivers impressive quality for the price. Copy machine models like the Lanier MP 3353, are incredibly efficient and can save firms bundles of money. The best part is, when buying a Savin, quality won’t be compromised as their models are well designed and built to last.


Copystar machines are powered by Kyocera technology and have overwhelmingly positive reviews. Perfect for smaller law firms, these copiers have what it takes to handle the high print volumes of legal offices without breaking a sweat.

Reasonably priced and sporting an impressive average duty cycle of 35 ppm, these copiers are a great value. With only a 25 second warm-up time, they will be ready to go at the start of every work day. They are well known for being easy to integrate and are considered a reliable option for firms of all sizes


Sharp delivers on reliability like nobody’s business. High-performing black-and-white models like the Sharp MX M4070 are truly exceptional. With average speeds of 44 ppm, these copiers can keep up with the demanding environment of legal office copy rooms.

Seek Out the Best Copier for Law Office, with Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises

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