The business world has been eagerly scarfing up managed print services for years and enjoying the incredible benefits in productivity and cost savings. Now it’s time for government agencies to realize the same benefits.

Here’s what government agencies should know about these services and how they can make a difference.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services are done by a third-party company that will handle the majority of an organization’s printer maintenance support and print supply management. For example, these services can use remote monitoring to spot any performance issues in a printer before they become bad enough to affect productivity. When problems are detected, they are remedied just as quickly, meaning that customers enjoy little to no downtime on their machines.

Another benefit of managed print services is that they run incredibly powerful security on printers and back them up with teams of dedicated cybersecurity professionals that can handle anything cybercriminals can throw at a printer.

Finally, inventory and print supply management is another key role that managed print services play. Whenever critical print supplies like toner are running low, a managed print service will make sure that there’s more on the way before customers run out.

In summary, the key advantages of managed print services are:

  • Maintenance – These services take care of printers and stop problems before they start.
  • Security – Designed to deliver top-notch cybersecurity features backed by expert teams of professionals standing by.
  • Supply management – Never suffer the drawbacks of downtime, managed print services make sure organizations never run out of supplies.

With such critical benefits to offer, managed print services are quite popular. Here’s why they’re especially advantageous for government agencies.

Advantages of Managed Print Services for Government Agencies

In today’s world, no one can afford to have a printer down and out for long, especially government agencies. While it’s incredibly important for businesses to have printers up and running at all times, it’s even more important for government agencies due to their sensitive data.

Government agencies have been found to go through around 44 billion pages per annum. That jaw-dropping figure puts the massive scale of their print usage in perspective. With so much being printed by government agencies every day, managed print services can give them the advantages they need.


Data Security

First and foremost, data security is by far one of the biggest advantages of using a managed print service. The need for data security is even higher in government agencies than it is in an average business. Not only is there a greater need, but the stakes are also much higher as well. Intrusions by foreign agents into government systems is comparatively much more serious than corporate espionage.

The threats are real. While some major printer hacks have been somewhat innocent in nature like when tens of thousands of printers were hacked and forced users to subscribe to YouTube personality, PewDiePie, others are much more damaging.

With so much at stake, government agencies need something they can rely on. Top-performing managed print services like Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises offer some of the most advanced, trusted, and comprehensive security solutions for printers on the market.

Government agencies present the second largest target for cybercriminals but also rank up to 17 spaces behind businesses in terms of cybersecurity. These figures are unacceptable. The information stored on printer drives in government agencies is rife with extremely sensitive information that affects millions of lives. Do the agency, and the country a favor by enlisting the services of a managed print provider.

These services have long been delivering state-of-the-art protection to printers in the business world. Government agencies can and should be enjoying the same level of protection.

Print Environment Optimization

Another major advantage that a managed print services provider can bring to the table when it comes to government agencies is print environment optimization. That means reducing waste, which government agencies tend to produce a lot of while increasing both efficiency and productivity.

Federal personnel have been found to print way more pages than they actually use every day. Inefficiencies like these are insanely costly. These costs get handed down to the taxpayer and can be reduced when managed print services keep them in check.

Find the Right Fit in Managed Print Services for Government

As one of the premier destinations for managed print services in the business community, Donnellon McCarthy has built a name for itself that can be trusted. As a highly experienced services provider, they know what it takes to deliver an uncompromising quality of service. Better yet, they can do it at an attractive price to fit government budgets.

Make the smart choice and ask Donnellon McCarthy about their managed print services for government agencies today.