In today’s competition-driven world, the number of companies who step back and take the time and resources to support worthy causes in their communities is stretched thin. Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) is one of the most active firms involved in the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati.

Here’s what both customers and fellow members of the greater Cincinnati area should know about DME’s volunteer work.

What Is Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati?

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati is an organization dedicated to helping set good examples for kids in adverse environments. They achieve this by partnering them with respected adults to mentor them in ways that a big brother or sister would. The impact this has on kid’s lives is tremendous, making it very important work.

For every child whose life is made more positive by their Big, fewer lives are destroyed by the kind of situations they would be otherwise more susceptible to finding themselves in.

In today’s world, a good role model is perhaps more important than ever. With kids being exposed to all manner of influences from the outrageously violent content of television to the ravages of bullying on social media, children need guidance in their life.

DME’s Participation in Big Brothers Big Sister Events


DME has built a name for itself in community service, volunteer work, and fundraising. Below is an overview of Big Brother Big Sisters events that DME has helped make possible by raising capital and driving growth.

Events DME has participated in:

  • November 2018 Bowl for Kid’s Sake- Raised $5,000
  • December 2018 Donated Christmas Presents to 5 Big Brothers Big Sisters families
  • April 2019 Bowl for Kid’s Sake- Raised $3,000

DME’s participation in these events represents a major success, not only for the foundation but for the improvement of kids’ lives. By raising so much capital for the cause, the kids of the Greater Cincinnati communities are given something precious—a chance to succeed.

Firms need to step back and ask themselves what they’re doing for their communities. If the answer is that they aren’t doing much, the next question needs to be why not? With so many kids waiting and hoping for a Big, Big Brother or Big Sister communities are in desperate need of assistance.  In fact, there are 400 children on the waiting list.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Events DME Has Attended

In addition to participating in Big Brother Big Sister events, DME has maintained a strong presence in the organization by attending them as well.

  • 2019 Honoree Brunch
  • 2019 Bowl for Kids’ Sake
  • 2018 Bowl for Kids’ Sake

These events helped make a positive impact on kid’s lives as the organization continues to bring light to dark situations.

Thoughts on Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteering from DME’s Team Members

Attending and participating in these events is a point of pride for DME, here’s what some of their team has to say about their work with the foundation and their volunteering experiences.

  • Savannah Bates, Cincinnati Account Manager: “I became a Big because I wanted to make a difference and have a positive impact on a younger kid’s life. A big plus for me is that I enjoy working with kids”
  • Matt Boyle, Cincinnati Account Manager: “I volunteer because my mom always taught inner city schools. It is only one hour a week to meet with my little and I plan on moving to the community-based program. When I first started, I was very nervous. But the team members at Big Brothers Big Sisters were very passionate and it made the decision to become a Big a lot easier.”
  • Rich Fryman, Manager of Managed Print Services: “Becoming a Big was no question for me. I had a Big Brother during a hard time which gave me a responsible male figure to look up to. And now I am able to give back to something that once gave to me.”
  • Steven Sexton, Cincinnati General Sales Manager: “I volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters because I have a soft spot in my heart to help kids.”

DME Is Making a Difference, Who Else Will Answer the Call?

While DME is continuing to offer its support to worthwhile programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati these kids need all the help they can get. It’s time for the local business community to step up and get involved. With the right guidance, the kids from these communities will grow up to be valued customers or even employees of Greater Cincinnati businesses.

Big Brother Big Sister volunteering makes a real difference. Companies and professionals who participate in these events can feel proud knowing that they’re truly giving back to the communities that brought them their success in a meaningful way.

For those wanting to get involved, Debbie Mollette ( Recruitment Coordinator and visit this website.