Individuals love ordering online, whether it’s from Amazon, Etsy, eBay, or anything in between. For managers of apartment complexes, however, the chaotic constant rush of deliveries throughout their buildings is not always appreciated.

Delivery Challenges for Apartments

An apartment building can be a busy place, and mail carriers don’t have time to make multiple delivery attempts to apartments and zig-zag all over the halls to the umpteenth floor. More importantly, apartment building managers and other tenants could go without that kind of disruption in the building.

Another challenge is that many older multi-family housing units don’t have the space to hold the overwhelming mass of packages delivered every day. Some buildings have not one, but hundreds of tenants that have multiple packages delivered throughout the day.

Keeping package overflow contained is crucial to multi-family housing units. When packages are spilling out into the halls, it’s not just an inconvenience; it’s a liability. Complexes can be sued for injuries resulting from package overflow. All it takes is for one person to trip and fall over a package.

Multi-family housing management offices need a way to control the masses of packages that get dropped off every day.

Why Parcel Lockers Are the Solution for Condos and Apartment Complexes

When it comes to apartment buildings and condos, parcel lockers are the modern solution to delivery complications.

To source extra space to accommodate the massive amounts of packages flowing into apartment management offices, some managers have resorted to leasing additional space. However, the additional expense doesn’t always make sense.

Parcel lockers work by sending emails to tenants after a package has been deposited into their drawer. Recipients have several days to pick up their parcel before they are charged a fee and the packages are mailed back to the sender.

Each tenant is assigned a drawer that they can open upon receiving the key. The key is sent in the form of a one-time pin code that the user will enter the parcel locker interface to open the door and retrieve their mail.

Why It’s Smart to Have Parcel Lockers for the Home

Multi-family housing units aren’t the only ones that can benefit from using parcel lockers. There are many reasons why a single-family home should have a parcel locker. If not taken inside promptly, packages left on the doorstep can be ruined by rain, snow, and other changes in the weather.

Folks who are not home also run the risk of having their packages stolen right off their doorstep.

Around 30% of the American public have had packages stolen from their doorsteps. While some have pointed to video surveillance cameras as a solution, there are several reasons against it. For example, having surveillance cameras can run up the electric bill since many have to be recharged. Another disadvantage is that they can make neighbors uncomfortable and make an awkward impression in some communities.

Fortunately, homeowners can have the best of both worlds as some parcel lockers feature video surveillance. The camera is built into the locker, which makes it less obtrusive to neighbors.

Having a parcel locker for the home makes it possible to keep packages secure and out of reach until the owner returns. Parcel lockers are attractive, easy to work with, and efficient.

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