The coveted hard copy of legal documentation has been regarded with the utmost importance in previous years. However, there has been a shift toward improving the legal arena by implementing superior office equipment.

Hidden Cost for the Legal Arena

Think of the general documentation that coincides with the legal arena, such as contracts, wills, litigation, deeds, and lease agreements. The sheer magnitude of paperwork, filing, and organizing associated with the legal environment and the number of man-hours required to process and search for specific documentation creates costly bottlenecks in the workflow.

Also, take into consideration the cost for physical storage space. Rental space may cost $12 a square foot. If renting 150 square feet for documentation storage, law firms will be incurring $21,600 a year for the cost for just the documentation storage alone.

Savvy Law Firms Face the Challenge

To facilitate efficiencies in the legal environment, it is crucial to implement document solutions software and multifunctional printers and copiers.

Legal firms are finding answers to challenges with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Facilitating completion of legal forms, or detail case law searches result in cost reductions that trickle down from the law firm to the clients.

Solutions for Law Firms with a Large Client Base

Some law firms carry an extensive list of clientele where utilizing automated billing systems can offer significant simplification in arcane accounts receivable.

What to Look for in a Multifunctional Printer and Copier

MFPs, multifunctional printers, and copiers have a lot to offer. Legal firms can increase efficiency with increased paper storage capacity, speedier page-per-minute print volumes, cartridges with extended toner capacity, and reduced downtime.

How to Know What Multifunction Printer is the Right Fit

To determine the best printer for a small law firm, one must identify the printing needs of the organization. There are systems detailed for the legal arena and industry—for example, documentation management, workflow automation, and built-in security solutions. Firms can reduce unnecessary hard copies, find speedier scanning capabilities, and the ability to generate digitalized documentation.

MFP’s launch the legal environment into the digital arena facilitating the organization of automated backup of client’s files and security.

Detailing Multifunctional Printers

There are many printers on the market today, and when it comes to choosing which printer will accommodate the firm’s needs, it will take time to research everything on the market. For example, there are laser and inkjet printers that have different capabilities. If the firm is experiencing heavy gage use, then laser printers are more accommodating with the toner capabilities and speed. The toner longevity is superior for massive text printing and reduced cost per page. Note that more affordable laser printers that are a smaller scale do not feature color print capabilities.

Printing in Color

If color printing is a necessity, then inkjet is the better choice. Inkjet printers are geared for color printing and produce better color clarity. In comparison to a laser printer, inkjet printers are more conservatively priced, which makes them better suited for smaller scaled offices.

Examining Cost Per Page

It may seem frugal to purchase an inkjet, but several extended court briefings later, the firm will experience a high cartridge replacement pattern. To compare cost per page on this scale, it is 19 cents a page of text for the inkjet and 2 cents a page for the laser printer.

Is There a Difference in Quality for Replacement Ink and Toner?

The market has more to offer today for ink and toner cartridges and carries both remanufactured cartridges as well as generic. If the firm is utilizing predominately black ink print with white documents, it is difficult to notice any difference in ink quality.

Page Per Minute Capabilities

Some offices can utilize printers that execute 20 pages a minute, while other’s require printers that can accommodate 50 and more pages per minute. Take this into consideration when deciding which printer is right for the office.

What Extra Features are Available?

For a Larger scaled firm, there are printers available that come with a wide variety of features. For example, printers of professional quality can facilitate three-hole punching, collating, and stapling.

The all-in-one print scanner copiers are better served in smaller-scale offices, such as the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553dn. It accommodates 40 pages a minute, features color print capability with superior graphics, and can utilize conservatively priced remanufactured and compatible toner replacements.

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