It’s good for companies to review their business strategies frequently to find new efficiencies and optimize expenditures. In some situations, changing suppliers and vendors can bring additional value to the organization. Printing companies and service providers should face regular scrutiny as their performance can have a direct impact on the organization’s bottom-line.

When evaluating a printing company, the business should take a holistic view of the services and benefits they bring to the table. For organizations in Cincinnati, Ohio, understanding what constitutes an excellent printing solution partner depends on a variety of factors.

Characteristics of an Excellent Printing Company

Although many businesses approach this question as an issue of cost, by itself, this isn’t an accurate estimation. Factors like service excellence, industry experience, and the ability to respond to issues effectively, all influence a company’s business operations. Therefore, it’s important to conduct extensive research before deciding on which supplier to use.

Here are some indicators to look for before partnering with a printing services company.

They Provide Transparent and Understandable Agreements

The best printing companies will never attempt to obfuscate terms or pad agreements with hidden costs. A concise and understandable agreement will provide both parties with clear duties and responsibilities. The printing company will work with the organization to find an affordable solution for all their printing needs.

They Value Their Business Relationships

Print companies that foster long-standing business relationships indicate they value their clients. These organizations understand the partnership is for both companies’ mutual benefit. A quality printing company will work diligently to understand issues, respond to concerns, and find amicable solutions to their customer’s problems.

They Serve a Variety of Industries

While every industry still relies on printing operations, a supplier shouldn’t specialize in a specific vertical. The company should have industry expertise with any organization, including healthcare, finance, legal, and government. The right printing company will understand its customer’s specific requirements and provide a comprehensive solution that fits that market.

They Participate in the Local Community

Not only should the printing company have a local, physical presence, they should also actively contribute to their community. Before the business decides on a supplier, they should check to see what awards the company has won and whether they run community engagement programs.

They Maintain Sustainable Business Practices

It’s imperative that today’s organizations adopt sustainable business practices. Printing companies especially need to ensure they recycle or remanufacture ink and toner cartridges. Additionally, a responsible printing company will help its customers to identify and reduce wasteful practices throughout the organization.

Some of their sustainable practices should include:

  • Reducing the company’s reliance on paper documents with electronic systems
  • Eliminating wasteful prints and providing cost-tracking for all printing operations
  • Participating in sustainable programs such as setting up recycling centers in the community
  • Providing energy-efficient printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines

They Provide a Reliable Service

Instead of waiting for a failure, the printing company should proactively monitor all devices and respond to any issues as they arise. The company should also provide a fast and efficient service in order to avoid downtimes that stifle productivity in the organization. If the service provider is also responsible for ink, toner, and paper supplies, these should arrive in a timely fashion before the business runs out.

They Remain Manufacturer Agnostic

Even if it’s not always practicable, the printing company should support a wide variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers’ (OEMs) products. By providing the customer with a choice of devices, technologies, and supplies, the business can opt for a solution that suits their exact needs. Modern Multifunction Devices (MFDs) come with advanced features, some of which may not apply to a particular organization’s daily workflows. Quality printing companies will match the customer’s needs to the most appropriate MFD.

They have a History in the Industry

The longer the service provider has been in the industry, the greater their expertise with all types of technology. Since the 1950s, office technologies continue to evolve, and the best printing companies have been around since then, keeping ahead of the latest trends.

They Provide 100% Customer Satisfaction

Above all else, the printing company should remain dedicated to satisfying the customer’s needs. This indicates they are committed to ensuring the business benefits from using their services and will go beyond expectations to maintain a successful business relationship.

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