Every organization today needs to pay attention to sustainable practices and implement green initiatives. The adverse effects of manufacturing and production industries continue to raise concerns, and it’s now up to everyone to adopt socially responsible business models. While remanufactured toner cartridges often form part of these strategies, there are additional reasons why an organization should consider adopting this practice.

Since the first commercial printers became available, companies have relied on printing operations to remain productive. Today’s printers and Multifunction Devices (MFDs) are sophisticated, efficient, and come with a host of additional productivity tools. This makes them essential for modern business operations.

What is a Remanufactured Toner Cartridge?

Remanufactured cartridges are refurbished products (usually sold by a third party) that work in the same way as an OEM’s toner or ink supplies. These companies refurbish used cartridges and allow companies to reuse it instead of having to buy a newly manufactured product every time. The remanufacturing company will clean the toner cartridge, replace all the perishable components, and refill the tank with toner.

Depending on the quality process the remanufacturer uses, the final product will operate in the same way as the OEM product. Some remanufacturers even improve the design of the product, increasing the capacity of toner to produce more prints from a single cartridge.

OEMs attempted to prevent third-party remanufacturers from reusing their products. However, a recent ruling by the US Supreme Court went in favor of companies specializing in refurbishing toner cartridges. Since then, some OEMs have provided the service while other specialist remanufacturers have improved their processes and delivered a similar quality product as the original.

Remanufactured Toner Cartridge Benefits for Businesses

The court ruling in 2017 boosted the toner remanufacturing industry. For almost every type of printer, companies now have the option to buy a remanufactured cartridge instead of the OEM product. Using remanufactured toner cartridges benefits businesses in a variety of ways.

Reduced Costs of Printing Supplies

Remanufactured toner cartridges cost less than their OEM equivalents. As the company reuses the same body and only replaces the perishable parts, the average saving on a remanufactured cartridge is about 30%. In some instances, the cost can be 60% less, but companies should make sure they are using a reputable remanufacturer. If the price is ridiculously low, it could point to an inadequate quality control process.

Same Quality Products as the OEM Toners

The best remanufacturers will deliver products of a similar quality to newly manufactured cartridges. OEMs may tell companies that this is not the case, but remanufacturers know that their reputation will suffer if they provide an inferior product. As the company they want to ensure their customers continue to use their services, they will make every effort to reduce the possibility of a drop-in quality. Reputable manufacturers will ensure they conduct extensive quality checks on every toner cartridge they refurbish.

Improved Cash Flow to Reinvest into the Business

Companies that use remanufactured toner supplies can opt to reinvest the cost-savings into their business. It could go to equipment upgrades, employee initiatives, training, or any other need to improve their business operations. Ink and toner supplies can run quite high in any office, making this a viable way to save money and spend it on areas that will add value to the organization.

Less Harmful to the Environment

The manufacturing process of a single toner cartridge has a significant impact on the environment. This is concerning as the raw materials used in the product is 97% recyclable. Additionally, the amount of CO2 emissions discharged by manufacturing a cartridge is 10.5 pounds (or 4.8 kilograms). It’s even worse considering that about 1 million cartridges end up in US landfills every day. It’s clear that the negative impact on the environment from the printing industry remains considerable.

Opting to use remanufactured toner cartridges goes a long way to limiting the amount of waste generated by the print industry. All organizations should consider adopting this sustainable practice and reduce their carbon footprint to help save the environment. If toner cartridges end up in landfills, they will release heavy metals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the water and soil of the landfill. It’s essential to prevent these pollutants from entering the nation’s water systems as they present a significant risk to human and environmental health.

Sustainable Solutions from Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises recycles every toner cartridge after it’s spent. As a socially responsible print services company, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises helps organizations to adopt environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices. Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises provides Managed Print Services, toner supplies, energy-efficient devices, and office productivity solutions to organizations of any size. For companies that need to regain control over their printing operations while adopting better business models, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises can assist.

To find out more about how remanufactured toner cartridges can help your business save money and operate more sustainably, reach out to Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises today.