Wide-format printers have been making inroads into the modern office, driven by the technological advancements and innovations of the past year. As they become more affordable and accessible, the industry is beginning to see truly innovative devices that push the boundaries of what is possible with printing.

Kyocera, a world leader in document solutions, has recently partnered with wide-format printing specialist KIP to develop a new product line of wide-format printers. These powerful devices are sleek, with small footprints and chock full of printing options.

Ready for the next generation of wide-format printers? It’s here thanks to the innovation born from a collaboration between two industry giants. Read on to learn about KIP’s new 600 Series Color Wide-Format Printers and whether it’s right for the office or not.

Introducing: KIP 600 Series Color Wide-Format Printers

The KIP 600 Series Color Wide-Format print system currently consists of two models: the KIP 660 and the KIP 650. These are high-speed devices that constitute some of the most compact designs on the market – as much as 25 percent smaller than other leading models.

Either make a strong addition to an office with a demanding print environment, with both devices capable of outputting 360 prints per hour at photographic-quality resolution, in black-and-white or color. Roll size width ranges from 11 to 36 inches, with a maximum length of 19.7 feet. Both devices come equipped with a 12” Smart System K touchscreen featuring an intuitive, efficient interface.

The slightly larger KIP 660 comes with multifunction capabilities. Users can print, copy, and scan in color from the device, increasing its versatility in the office.

Sustainable, High-Powered Printing

It’s not just the small size that’s remarkable about the KIP 600 Series. Both devices leverage KIP Contact Control Technology (CCT) to elevate the quality of prints by increasing the accuracy of toner placement while using the least amount possible to output a professional print job.

Likewise, the series is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Supply containers and cartridges can be recycled, and the device’s production reflects a reduced carbon footprint.

Enhanced Workflow Solutions

Like the rest of KIP’s printer lines, the 600 Series comes with KIP ImagePro to simplify and streamline wide-format printing within the wider office environment. Users enjoy the ability to integrate wide-format printing with any office processes, from accounting to the drafting of technical documents.

The result of these features is a highly efficient, space-saving, powerful machine that supports professionals in their daily work. Whether choosing the KIP 650 or KIP 660, an office will have exactly what it needs to output a professional, flawless presentation.

Who Should Have One of These Printers?

The KIP 600 Series wide-format printers take advantage of the best features of both KIP and Kyocera to give professionals a printer that reaches far beyond the capabilities of entry-level devices. The KIP 600 Series is ideal for offices that print substantial amounts of:

  • Technical documents: The large format and crystalline clarity of CCT make the KIP 600 Series ideal for offices that print technical documents such as schematics or blueprints.
  • Marketing or advertising collateral: When it comes to making an impression, the right size is as important as the right design. The KIP 600 Series caters to professionals who need to make an impression.
  • Photography: Printing high-quality photographs have historically required specialized printers capable of achieving the image quality necessary. The KIP 600 Series puts that quality in the hands of offices without sacrificing versatility.
  • A variety of special jobs: Wide-format printing is well-known for its ability to deliver increased printing options. Printing at A4 size is still possible – the device simply offers more.

While a step above entry-level, KIP and Kyocera designed these printers to be both accessible and applicable to a wide range of offices and industries. Organizations that value versatile print power will appreciate them. Choose a KIP 600 Series wide-format printer when the office:

  • Has limited space but needs additional print power
  • Wants to amplify its print quality but doesn’t want to sacrifice multifunction capabilities, as many production printers require.
  • Uses software that is compatible with ImagePro’s integration capabilities

Get the Best-in-Class Printing Solutions From DME

Wide-format printers are rapidly becoming a staple in the modern office. Fast, versatile, and increasingly compact, they’re best suited for professionals with demanding print needs where standard computer paper just won’t do. KIP and Kyocera’s partnership delivers unbridled printing options in the realm of wide-format printers. Whether destined for an office of graphics design professionals or an organization seeking to make a statement with ultra-professional print jobs, the 600 Series Color Wide-Format Printers deliver the best.

Ready to take advantage of unparalleled wide-format printing abilities? Contact the experts at DME today and discuss whether KIP’s 600 Series printers are right for your office.