COVID-19 is becoming more and more of a threat to the states we services including Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana & West Virginia. Here at DME we know that even in these trying times, work must continue, life must continue, and we just need to adjust. DME has been and will continue to take all precautions needed to continue to deliver to you in the safest way possible while following all guidelines set forth by the following: World Health Organization (WHO), the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our local government officials. We will deliver all the technology products and services you need to keep all your systems up and running so that you can better serve your customers and continue to be as profitable as possible. With the Stay at Home Order set in place in Ohio our business is essential work to keep your business running. We will be taking precautions following this order all of our teams. These are challenging times and never before seen restrictions. Our goal remains firm to offer our customers the best experience while committed to safety.

FYI: Precautions and Requirements our Technicians are taking:

•  All technicians have been issued disposable gloves for one-time-use during their office visits.

•  Technicians will follow proper hand hygiene protocol before and after service calls.

Our account managers have been instructed to offer remote or phone meetings to clients. If you do choose for us to visit, our account managers have been instructed to follow the same proper hand washing procedure as our technicians both when they arrive and before they leave your office.

If your organization has specific safety requirements during this time, please let us know ahead of time and we will make every effort to comply during our office visits.
Proper/Safe Equipment Cleaning 
In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is strongly recommended to sanitize high traffic areas on your office equipment. Please follow these tips from our trusted partners:

Chemicals safe to use:

•  Isopropyl alcohol wipes

•  Most antibacterial/disinfectant wipes

•  Most antibacterial/disinfectant sprays*

*For sprays:

•  Use a soft, lint free cloth. Moisten it with spray and wipe down the screen and panels

Please Avoid the below chemicals, as these can damage or cloud the screens:

•  Bleach  


•  Other harsh cleaning solvents

•  Do not: Spray directly onto device (this can damage internal components) or use paper towels (they may scratch screens)


Should you have any questions please feel free to contact DME Specialists at or by calling 1-800-571-2679