COVID-19 has essentially changed the way Americans work today.

Social distancing will remain in everyone’s mind even after the immediate crisis is over.

With many employees now required to work remotely, organizations are struggling to keep their teams productive and efficient.

Hence, technology is even more relevant today than it was before. Cloud and mobility solutions are no longer a convenience, but a requirement to keep a productive workflow.


How can employees utilize cloud and mobility technologies to stay productive while working remotely?

All employees, regardless of their location, need uninterrupted access to both printed hard copy materials and electronic business documents.

But, we can’t jump to a digital-only platform. Essential businesses, like healthcare for example, need to scan and print patient information, potentially in even greater quantities.

So, how do you ensure remote workers can interact with content easily and also ensure the safety of those interfacing with shared devices?

We’ve recently published recommendations on our social outlets around how to clean your shared devices and how to use your own personal stylus to ensure you safely can approach any device without worrying about germs.

Another key recommendation is to extend the print device interface to your own personal equipment, e.g. mobile phones, tablets, etc.

One such solution is TOSHIBA E-BRIDGE PRINT & CAPTURE mobile app. Simply download the free app from the Apple or Android Store onto your mobile device to easily interface with Toshiba MFPs remotely. The app lets you print documents and photos and capture scanned data directly from your mobile device, without interrupting your workflow and while allowing you to maintain social distancing from the print device itself.

You can select which device in your office to print to as well, so you can select one that makes social distancing even more attainable by spreading out workloads across your environment.

Using your mobile device, you can do almost everything that you would from a desktop. And, operation is easy and intuitive with a simple user interface that doesn’t require any training.

This also enables you to bridge the gap between print and digital so you can access data anytime, from any location. You can output data from files stored in the cloud. And, as always, data scanned by the MFP can be downloaded to your mobile or uploaded to the cloud for easy data sharing.

For example, you can share conference notes and materials right away so your distributed workforce can quickly be on the same page for collaboration. And, you can use your favorite cloud storage locations with ease (Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.) in order to store your business documents scanned directly from Toshiba MFPs.

Technologies exist today that will help make this a seamless transition to remote working and to social distancing within the workplace itself. We’re in this together to make these challenges as safe and productive as possible, and hope this provides another tool to help.

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