What makes a great in-home business printer? Whether the company usually operates from home or it’s due to the current pandemic, having an in-home printer available that ensures a productive workflow is essential. If it’s for Work From Home (WFH) situations or just managing a home office or business, different models of devices can perform better depending on the environment.

Every business or employee needs access to printing, copying, and scanning capabilities to be productive. As new devices hit the market, they come with productivity tools that can help streamline workflows, reduce overheads, and increase business efficiency. This blog will discuss the current best in-home printers available on the market today.

In-home Printer Considerations

When choosing an in-home printer, there’s a variety of factors to consider. Functionality and features are first among the defining characteristics of the best home printers. There are also considerations such as energy efficiency, use and cost of supplies, including device reliability and ease-of-use.

How to Choose an In-home Printer for WFH or a Home Business

It’s common for people to look at the price of the device first. However, the total cost of ownership should also factor into the decision. This includes the cost of refills and maintenance. If the device is more expensive to operate and repair, it will cost more in the end.

Understanding the printing requirements and the environment will be key for selecting the right printer. If it’s a paper-intensive business, the printing costs can add up very quickly. With a variety of devices available on the market today, comparing operating costs becomes vital before opting for a particular model.

Considerations for choosing an in-home printer also include:

  • The ability to produce duplex prints.
  • Whether color or black and white printing is required.
  • The print, scan, and copying speeds the device can handle.
  • How easy it is to use and its networking capabilities.
  • If ink-saver technologies are available from the manufacturer’s models.

Brother MFC-L5000DW Series of All-in-One Laser Printers

Brother Industries started in 1908 as a sewing machine company. Since then, they’ve diversified to produce printers, midi sequencers, and manufacturing tools. Their printers are renowned for being affordable, reliable, and easy to use. The Brother MFC-5000DW monochrome series of home printers is a cost-effective solution suitable for a home business or working from home during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Features of the Brother MFC-LF5000DW All-in-One Series of Printers include:

  • Supports printing and copying of up to 42 pages per minute.
  • Two-sided (duplex) printing as a default feature.
  • A 70-page scanning and copying capacity for fast document production.
  • A 3,000-page standard ink cartridge or a high-yield 8,000-page cartridge to reduce the cost of ownership.
  • Ethernet and wireless connection capabilities.
  • Improved ease-of-use with a 3.7” full-color display.

The Brother MFC-L5000DW series of All-In-One printers also comes with an easy scan to email solution and cloud-enabled services Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB). The device has embedded scanning technologies that can convert hard copy or scanned documents into editable text files.

Additional Considerations for Home Printers

Apart from device efficiency and the cost of supplies, using a printer at home requires additional considerations. Device and network security remain among the primary factors that put a home business or work-from-home employee at risk. Printers especially have become a primary target for hackers and cybercriminals over the last ten years.

According to CISO Magazine, about 60% of data breaches occurred due to printer security in 2019. Hackers know that these devices are a low priority among security professionals and work to exploit known vulnerabilities in their operating systems. To protect the information on the home network, it’s important to ensure the device receives the necessary software updates as they become available.

Tips for Home Businesses and Work-from-Home Employees

Whether it’s for a home business or an employee working from home, practicing good cyber-hygiene remains important. Using Managed Network Services can help organizations implement policies that reduce their attack surface. For home businesses, ensuring reliable operations by using IT experts is just as important.

Brother’s Work-from-Home tips include:

  • Set up a space dedicated to work only. An organized space will improve productivity and reduce distraction.
  • Establish a routine that mimics a normal workday. Remember to take breaks, eat healthily and stretch, or take a walk outside.
  • Follow all the best practices about IT security as required when at the office.
  • Communicate with colleagues using video conferencing tools or phone calls to ensure context and camaraderie isn’t lost.

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