Paper documents and printing them is an essential element – and one of the largest expenses – of doing business. In addition to printers and supplies, employee time spent printing documents can impact productivity significantly.

Mobile devices used in many locations empower today’s workforce: in the office, at home, on the road, and at customer sites. Putting the power of these devices to work with mobile printing offers several advantages:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced information security
  • Ensure compliance with health mandates such as social distancing
  • Reduced exposure to potentially unsanitary devices used by multiple individuals

Integrating mobile scanning and printing in the office is a prime way to utilize company and personal devices to streamline business practices and reduce costs.

Health Advantages of Mobile Printing

With older technology, employees who need to print a document must first get to a computer, which may not be readily available if they’re not in an office environment. They may even utilize a coworker’s system to print a document, disrupting that employee’s work and possibly spreading germs or exposing themselves to any health issues that person may have.

Using your own device – tablet, iPhone, Android, or MAC or PC mobile computer – allows personnel to work with the units that they’re familiar with while avoiding contact with other staff and their work or personal equipment.

Putting mobile technology to work enables social distancing, as employees can work, print, and scan anytime, from anywhere. There is no longer a requirement to head to a crowded office or seek out an available workstation. With mobile access, remote users can even select which printer to use, taking advantage of choosing a printer in a less populated area.

Putting Mobile Technology to Work for Your Office

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is increasingly common throughout businesses of all sizes. Allowing employees to scan and print using personal mobile devices improves workflow and frees them from traditional workstations and desktop computers.

Mobile workforces armed with a business-provided or BYOD device enjoy new flexibility in printing to an available WiFi or network printer from any device – even from a customer site, trade show, at home, or on the road.

Employees have transitioned to the power and convenience of their personal technology for both personal and business use. Using them for additional functions such as mobile scanning and printing adds to the convenience and efficiency provided by these units, making work more personable.

Printing from the Cloud

Cloud document storage is an effective, secure method of providing access to documents on both office computers and mobile devices. Mobile printing and scanning is an ideal application for cloud apps. Scan from a multifunction printer to a mobile device, then store it in the cloud for secure retrieval, printing, editing, and sharing.

Retrieving and sharing documents from the cloud makes printing and scanning from mobile devices even more efficient, as teams can access and collaborate on content in real-time regardless of where they are – across the building, across town, or around the world.

Workflow enhances business processes further when using managed print services to manage workflow and distribute documents electronically.

Security is an added benefit of apps and printing from cloud-based systems, as it can encrypt and secure content for permissions such as viewing, editing, printing, and deleting.

How Mobile Scanning and Printing Works

Today’s multifunction printers (MFPs) can provide many business functions – faxing, scanning, copying, and printing. They can connect to a network by direct cabling or may communicate via a secure wireless connection.

Units from leading manufacturers facilitate mobile apps that allow BYOD owners to scan directly from the MFP to their mobile devices. Cloud or network storage allows for document storage, editing, printing, or forwarding to coworkers or customers. They can receive scanned documents as JPG, PDF, or other formats.

Once edited or sent to other users, any compatible MFP can print the documents securely and easily, without ever moving to a computer or other workstation. BYOD devices have all the power employees need to receive, edit and send documents to the cloud or other employees.

Implementing Mobile from Leading Manufacturers

With technology from leading manufacturers such as Sharp and Toshiba, BYOD users can manage documents easily and securely.

Sharpdesk Mobile enables iOS and Android owners to access the features of Sharp MFPs:

  • Scan documents from an MFP via WiFi, routing it to their device securely and seamlessly in PDF format
  • Use the scanned document in mobile apps
  • Forwarding documents to other users via email
  • Print documents, email, JPEGs or other formats directly from mobile devices to a selected Sharp MFP

Toshiba’s e-Bridge Print & Capture offers all the capabilities mobile teams need, performing nearly anything you would do from a desktop computer, all from your mobile device:

  • Print documents, photos, and email to a Toshiba MFP
  • Receive scanned images from an MFP, saving them for review, forwarding to other users, or uploading to the cloud for storage
  • For Android, utilize Android Print Service to print emails, browser pages, and more

With managed print services, MPS mobile apps can automatically find your network and available printing devices.

Get Started with Managed Print Services and Mobile Printing

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) works with many clients to integrate mobile printing and scanning functionality to improve efficiency and optimize health benefits.

Sophisticated managed print services and leading MFP technology from Sharp, Toshiba, and more, facilitate these services. Mobile printing implemented by DME will provide many benefits to your business and employees:

  • Save time and money when printing through the use of mobile devices
  • Improve customer service by speeding business processes
  • Ensure security with secure cloud document storage
  • Increase worker productivity with enhanced printing flexibility
  • Save printing cost by only printing what you need – when and where you need it

Contact DME today to put mobile printing technology to work for your business.