The cloud storage acts as a central information repository for for users to directly scan, save, retrieve and print to and from the OneDrive, Google Drive and DropBox cloud storage via Toshiba e-BRIDGE Next MFP.

Your Benefits
The total cost of ownership is important to help users determine their needs of investing an additional hardware. Thus, Toshiba introduces this MFP to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership. No database server needs to be maintained in each office.

With this easy solution, users can scan and store paper documents in the cloud by operating the MFP. Additionally, it also enables users to direct print and share electronic documents anytime, anywhere without limitation even while away from the desk.

Where to Use
Toshiba’s Built-in App. (*) Cloud Storage can be integrated seamlessly with the latest Toshiba MFP in the following settings:

  • Business Centres (i.e. convenient store, print services)
    –Reduce TCO, diversify business, scalable service.
  • Shared or mutual services
    –Accessibility, simplify workflow.
    –Remote data sharing among branch offices.
    (*) e-BRIDGE Plus for Google Drive™, e-BRIDGE Plus for OneDrive™ and e-BRIDGE Plus for Dropbox™.



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