It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially for cybercriminals who utilize the holiday season as a stage for a variety of phishing attacks. With everyone receiving tons of emails daily, cybercriminals can easily sneak into your inbox. Up to 80% of people fall for the holiday scams which make it to their inbox, resulting in devastating consequences. Unfortunately, this issue is only predicted to get worse during peak holiday season.

Here are a few tips to avoid unwrapping a holiday scam:

  • If discounts on brand name items or travel tickets sound too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Avoid “Purchase Verifications” Cybercriminals steal credit card information by asking recipients to “login” to counterfeit webpages in order to “verify suspicious charges”
  • Watch out for fake invoices and shipping updates. Malware can be delivered through attachments that look like purchase or shipping invoices.
  • Pay attention to website URLs to ensure you are going to the expected website, and not getting re-directed to a malicious site.

Get Advanced Email Protection.

Although you should be wary of phishing attacks all year long, the holidays provide an especially easy way into the computers and accounts of unsuspecting victims everywhere (including you and your employees). Your entire organization could easily become compromised from one employee opening a phishing email while connected to your network.

It can be hard to recognize a well-crafted phishing attack—even for an IT professional. Standard email security filters rely on blacklisting sender domains, phishing URLs, and malware signatures… they can’t keep up either. That’s why DME and Vade Secure powers its next generation email security with big-data based artificial intelligence. Vade Secure sifts through hundreds of subtle factors to identify even the most sophisticated spear phishing and zero-day attacks and keep them from reaching your employees’ in-boxes.

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