Protect your Business Against Ransomware in 2022

Over the past six months, the number of organizations hurt by ransomware shot up by more than 50%. Protect your business before it gets hit by ransomware.

Back up all data. Back up your businesses data on a regular basis. If something goes wrong, you should be able to quickly and easily revert to a recent backup. This won’t protect you from a ransomware attack, but if you’re ever attacked, the fallout won’t be nearly as devasting.

Keep software updated. Ransomware attackers sometimes find an entry point within software by exploiting any vulnerabilities. Fortunately, some developers actively search for new vulnerabilities and patch them. Adopt a patch management strategy and ensure that all team members are constantly aware of the latest updates.

Use better threat detection. Most ransomware attacks can be detected and resolved before it’s too late. To maximize your chances of protection, have an automated threat detection system in place.

Improve employee training. Most ransomware attacks are the by-product of bad employee habits. Someone may voluntarily give out their password or download an unfamiliar file. With better employee training, the chances of this happening are much lower.

Use anti-ransomware solutions. To achieve its objective, ransomware must perform certain anomalous actions, such as opening and encrypting large numbers of files. Protecting against ransomware that “slips through the cracks” requires a specialized security solution. Anti-ransomware solutions monitor programs running on a computer for suspicious behavior commonly exhibited by ransomware. If these behaviors are detected, the program can stop any encryption before further damage is done.

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