The practice of impersonating legitimate email senders to trick people into clicking on a link they shouldn’t, known as phishing, includes everything from crude scams to sophisticated hacks.

At one extreme are the shysters blasting out thousands of messages to consumers who they hope to trick into giving away credit card information or passwords. By paying close attention, you can often spot giveaway details like an intentional misspelling of a legitimate organization’s domain name or a logo that doesn’t look quite right.

However, the more ambitious hackers targeting specific executives (“Spear Phishing”) or going straight for the CEO (“Whaling”) use increasingly sophisticated techniques. Their payloads may include Ransomware and other dangerous exploits.

Download this quick guide to the varieties of phishing so you will know what to watch out for. Then talk to us about how we can stop phishing before it even gets to your company’s employees.

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