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Why Having a Strong IT Is Important for HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is a critical area of concern among many organizations. Efforts to maintain compliance are paramount. No one wants to deal with a HIPAA violation, and IT departments are taking a larger role in sustaining compliance. Here’s how firms are using the strength of an effective IT departments to prevent incurring these costly violations. [...]

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How to Make Your Classroom Smarter

Today’s job market is incredibly competitive and places a premium on technical skills. This makes the responsibility schools have to prepare students for the real world more important than ever. The skills students learn in school will help them succeed. Technology can help fill in the gaps by making classrooms smarter, here’s how. Making Classrooms [...]

2019-03-04T19:30:09+00:00March 5th, 2019|Blog|

The Best Ways for Law Firms to Back Up Their Online Files

Today, businesses are more dependent on data than ever before. Important information is stored electronically which allows for great convenience but it can also introduce new risks. With the rise of cyberattacks that target sensitive data, like ransomware attacks which are increasing every year, businesses need to be more aware of how their data is [...]

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Parkersburg Driver/ Office Associate

We are looking for a driver/office associate with a safe and clean driving record. They need to have delivery and driving experience of the Parkersburg WV area. They will need to hold a DOT physical card always. Also, need to have great customer service experience and able to communicate and listen to our customer needs. [...]

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How is Managed Print Services (MPS) Sustainable?

Businesses are striving more than ever to make sustainability part of their overall business strategy. There are a number of reasons to do this. First, sustainability for business has become a hot topic as more and more people increase their awareness of environmental issues. Secondly, sustainability can also help businesses reduce costs and expenses. This [...]

2019-01-30T19:47:51+00:00February 19th, 2019|Blog|

What Businesses Need to Know About the Increased USPS Postage Rates

The cost of doing business continues to rise in 2019. This shouldn’t be a shock to businesses as costs tend to rise over time but, despite the lack of shock, it doesn’t change the hit to the bottom line. Businesses that ship products or letters to customers are facing price hikes from USPS in 2019 [...]

2019-01-30T19:46:27+00:00February 12th, 2019|Blog|

Optimizing Cyber Security for Financial Services and Taking on the Latest Malware Threats

Cybersecurity in banks and financial services providers is of great interest to both the leaders of these organizations as well as the clients they serve. It makes sense why hackers would want to target these businesses. The data of bank customers is incredibly valuable to both the bank and the customer. If this data is [...]

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Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises Chosen as a 2018 Elite Dealer by ENX Magazine

Toluca Lake, CA (October 2018) — ENX Magazine and ENX The Week In Imaging announced that Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises has been selected as a 2018 Elite Dealer. This annual Who’s Who of the office technology dealer community, which is published annually, will be featured in the December issue of ENX Magazine. The 132-strong 2018 Elite [...]

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Sharp Earns Buyers Lab 2019 Copier MFP Line of the Year Award

Sharp Earns Buyers Lab 2019 Copier MFP Line of the Year Award Also took home twelve Buyers Lab Pick awards highlighting outstanding products in multiple categories (Source: Sharp) MONTVALE, N.J., Jan. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC), today announces that it is has earned [...]

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How Can Managed Network Services Minimize Cybersecurity Threats?

The cybersecurity industry is constantly on the move, adapting itself to meet new threats and close known vulnerabilities. Even security professionals have trouble keeping up. There are a range of factors that contribute to this situation. Perhaps the most important is the proliferation and increasing sophistication of the cybercriminal economy. Hackers now enjoy access to [...]

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