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Save Time and Improve Workflows with DocuWare

Is digital transformation a priority for your business? For 55 percent of companies without digital transformation initiatives in place, the timeframe for adopting a transformation strategy is one year or less. The vast majority of companies see digital transformation as a competitive opportunity, and a few even see it as crucial to ensuring the company's [...]

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(Source: The Cannata Report) written by Scott Cullen April 9, 2018 Above: Screenshot of DME’s website homepage at DME.us.com as conceived, designed, and maintained by CIG’s Marketing Platform 2.0. The homepage features animation and looping. DME attracts more talent and increases engagement with evolved online marketing strategy.  Editor’s Note: “Sharper Image” is a 2018 series of four features as to [...]

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New Sharp Document Systems Deliver Value to Modern Offices

Sharp has included a host of exciting, valuable features in its 2018 lineup of document systems. The modern office environment has changed radically in the last few years. The increased proliferation of mobile devices and continually shifting customer expectations have combined to put a premium on power and flexibility as workflow doctrines. This is something [...]

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How to Make an Effective Business Continuity Plan

When disaster strikes, it rarely gives advance warning. While 70 percent of businesses have a disaster recovery plan in place, only around 33 percent of these businesses are adequately prepared to respond to a business-disrupting event, according to StorageCraft. That means that not only are the majority of businesses unprepared for disaster, but many believe [...]

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Transform Your Business with Toshiba Re-Rite Today

Whether in an office, school, or home setting, hard documents are commonly scanned by and converted into a digital format. However, these virtual copies are in effect static images which can only be read, not at all altered. In the event that you may want to turn these scanned images into an eBook, modify a [...]

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How You Can Capitalize on Color

Colors, broadly speaking, do matter in the world of marketing, but their utilization must be understood in detail, rather than in blanket generalizations. To be sure, marketing research does strongly suggest that color, when used properly, does considerably affect a consumer's immediate judgment about a product which in turn influences sales. Furthermore, the varied effects [...]

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Grab More Customers by Implementing Digital Signage Now

Being the 21st century successor to static illuminated signs, such as neon and fluorescent signage, digital signs typically incorporate LED or plasma screens to display moving text, images, and even animations or video footage to advertise a business's services. Other forms of digital signage include LCD formats or may even use a projected image. What [...]

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Bring Your Education Technology into The 21st Century

In order to not only educate but also keep a group of students competitive in the modern era, utilizing cutting-edge tools is essential. After all, the old 'passive' model of dry lectures combined with supplementary assigned reading is actually one of the least effective education strategies. Understanding Learning on a Psychological Level Keep in mind, [...]

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ENX Interviews DME President Jim George on the Paths to Profitability with MNS

Monday, February 26, 2018  | Erik Cagle (Source: ENX Magazine) Any conversation involving managed IT generally centers on the 8,000-pound gorilla in the room: security. Last summer, more than 143 million U.S. consumers saw their personal information (social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, etc.) exposed in the Equifax breach. And 2018 was ushered in with [...]

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What You Should Look for in a Managed Print Service Program

Is a next-generation printer the solution your organization needs? Many business owners, approaching their processes with the fresh perspective a new year offers, might say yes. But this approach – adding more or better printers to your existing print fleet – isn't always the best way to go. Remember that a printer's overall cost is more than [...]

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