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Office Culture: Why DME is a Great Place to Work

Founded in 1957, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) is a leader in process automation, digital imaging, and software intelligence tools. We are renowned for our excellent customer service and forward-thinking business solutions. We are also known as one of the Top Work Places for both 2017 and 2018 by Enquirer Media (A Gannett Company). Why DME [...]

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A Letter from Richard Clark, former owner and current General Manager of Tri-State Business Equipment of Southern Illinois

To all of our loyal customers across Southern Illinois: We want to announce that Tri-State Business Equipment Incorporated, located at 204 E. Locust in Harrisburg, Illinois, has been transferred to its new owners, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises. The change in the ownership became effective as of September 12, 2018. I am personally writing to inform you [...]

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The Key Components of an FP Mailing Solution

Despite online communications, mail is still a critical part of business today. DME partners with FP Mailing Solutions so you can properly implement an efficient mailing solution for your business.   FP has been in the business of mailroom solutions since 1923 and has been operating in the United States for more than 50 years. [...]

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The Top IT Conferences in 2018

Good speakers make a great conference. Finding IT conferences based on influential speakers can enhance your knowledge and expose your team to new ideas. Not every event is a hit, but if you pick the right ones, you will imbue your team with powerful incentives to stay on the cutting edge of tech. Conferences also [...]

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Toner Recycling: Why It Matters

Printer toner is a major contributor to electronic waste, which is already a major worldwide problem. 60-80% of toner cartridges end up in landfills. To put that percentage into perspective, an estimated 375 million toner cartridges don’t get recycled into usable plastic products. Recycling doesn’t just reduce waste,  it can also reduce the cost of [...]

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Cincinnati, OH – September 12, 2018 – Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME), a leading office technology solutions company, announced today the acquisition of Tri State Business Equipment, an office supply and technology company in Harrisburg, Illinois.   Tri State Business Equipment has been in business since 1970 and is an authorized Toshiba and Lexmark Dealer offering [...]

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Cincinnati, OH – September 11, 2018- Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) is proud to announce and welcome Jared Lorenzen as the company’s Director of Customer Experience. Jared will be responsible for leading customer engagement programs and developing innovative approaches to research, collaborate, and customer satisfaction measurement that will create improved value for DME and enhance our [...]

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IT Security: All You Need to Know About the Atlanta Ransomware Attack

Global cybercrime is growing at an alarming rate, and small and medium-sized businesses have become a prime target of cybercriminals. Ponemon Institute's most recent report concluded that 61% of SME's were targets of cybercrime in 2017. That is an increase of 6% from 2016. Ransomware is the most well-known cybercrime tactic to enter the national [...]

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The Essential Print Technologies for Healthcare and Hospitals

Today’s healthcare industry today is a rapidly changing landscape. Advances in hospital technology have been a major contributor to ongoing changes in healthcare, but some areas still drag behind when compared with other industries. On average, individual healthcare employees cost hospitals $850 - $1,000 on print annually, so it is imperative that healthcare organizations employ [...]

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Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises Named 2018 Toshiba ProMasters Elite Dealer

Cincinnati, Ohio (August 29, 2018) — Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) today announced it has been named a 2018 ProMasters Elite Certified Dealer by Toshiba America Business Solutions.  DME earned this distinction by exceeding Toshiba's Highest level of service execution for customer support. Toshiba’s ProMasters Elite Certification program specifically recognizes authorized Toshiba resellers for providing exceptional [...]

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