Back to Work – What Business Looks Like in a Post Pandemic World

COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, has taken the entire world off-guard, changing the lives of nearly every U.S. citizen and most businesses – regardless of industry. Where feasible, most businesses have transitioned to a work-from-home method of conducting business. Others are not so lucky, and have had to put business on hold, laying off [...]

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(Source: KIP) Daily Productivity, Image Quality & Workplace Flexibility The KIP 600 is revolutionizing wide format color printing and establishing new standards for wide format reliability. The KIP 600 Series delivers efficiency with precision imaging in a compact durable design that will connect workgroups to new levels of print management productivity. KIP Contact Control Technology [...]

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Adapting to the New Normal in Mailroom Operations and Election Processes

Handling large volumes of mail efficiently has long been a challenge for businesses and organizations of any industry. Recent instances of the COVID-19 pandemic virus that has necessitated adapting to a “new normal” are driving changes in mailing performance, as well as the volume of mail handling. Initiating “stay at home” orders across the country [...]

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Why Document Management Solutions are Crucial for Hospitals during the COVID-19 Crisis

Around the country, communities are celebrating the healthcare professionals who are putting their lives on the line during the COVID-19 crisis. Many families have to practice social isolation if one or more of their parents work in medical facilities or hospitals. While many reports show that access to essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is vital [...]

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Upgrade your Office PostBase™ Vision

The PostBase™ Vision embodies a modern, award winning design that is functional and stylish. Meticulously engineered, this mailing system is intuitive and simple to use. Stylish. Secure. Connected. Discounted postage rates Large color touchscreen LAN connection and built-in Wi-Fi Online management via discoverFP™ USPS® IMI compliant meter Contact us today to support your business growth.

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The Many Benefits of Utilizing Digital Signage for Schools

Schools might overlook the volume of printed signs and notices around campus. But when they take a moment, schools will find that they’re all over the campus. The benefits of digital signage for schools can eliminate many of the negative impacts of printed signs and notices and bring features that printed signage can never achieve. [...]

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Business Growth Plan: Spend less time mailing

PostBase™ Vision  Semi - Auto Don't spend your business hours stamping letters, spend them growing your business. Our postage meter with semi-automatic feeding is the ideal fit for low to mid volume mailers. Expecting business growth? This system offers optional upgrades to meet your future business expansion. STYLISH. SECURE. CONNECTED Scalable and upgradeable Intuitive color touchscreen LAN [...]

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In-home Printers: Best Devices for Home Businesses or WFH Environments

What makes a great in-home business printer? Whether the company usually operates from home or it’s due to the current pandemic, having an in-home printer available that ensures a productive workflow is essential. If it’s for Work From Home (WFH) situations or just managing a home office or business, different models of devices can perform [...]

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 Work Smarter. Not Harder with PostBase Vision                               WHY DOES MY BUSINESS NEED A POSTAGE METER? TIME: Faster than sticking stamps, a meter automatically calculates rates and prints  postage. Many meters can seal your envelopes as well. MONEY: Postage Meters give [...]

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E-Learning: Education Adapts to the New Reality

Organizations of every type have to come to terms with the coronavirus reality quickly. Social distancing and stay at home advisories meant most students didn’t go back to class after their spring break. This forced teachers, administrators, and students to start adopting solutions that allow them to attend classes using e-learning tools. What is E-Learning? [...]

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