How Important is Document Security for Private Schools?

Academic institutions of all kinds have unique challenges to overcome when it comes to managing document security, but the issue can be a pressing one for private schools in particular. Managed document services are hugely important for ensuring the security and continued reliability of school systems, yet cybersecurity threats constantly change. The dynamic nature of [...]

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Can Managed IT Services Prevent Ransomware Attacks?

According to the Ponemon Institute, ransomware attacks increased by 300 percent between 2015 and 2016, and those figures are climbing. Businesses that don't have a strict cybersecurity policy in place are the most vulnerable. As of mid-2018, major data breaches and cybersecurity vulnerabilities have made headline news time and time again. But relatively few IT [...]

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6 Ways to Avoid Unforeseen Cost and Keep Data Safe

Acceptable Use of Technology Every organization should have guidelines for the use of workstations, multifunction printers, telephones, emails, internet and phone (both company provided and BYOD with email access).   Organizations should also have consequences for misuse of technology, when discovered. Security Never share passwords, understand who has access to different levels of folder access and [...]

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The Importance of 24/7 Support for Managed Network Services

How can managed network services can provide a strategic advantage for your business? Managed network services provide access anywhere, greater stability and proactive maintenance and support. Your mobile workforce has access to business resources from anywhere, anytime, often with any device. This makes your road warriors or remote service teams more efficient and more responsive [...]

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Which Multifunction Copier Solution Is Best for a Large Office?

Long gone are the days of personal printers dotting the desktops of large businesses. Technology has led corporations to a better way, enabled by sophisticated networks, wireless communications, and the internet of things. Mobile workforces and the proliferation of tablets and smartphones requiring printer functionality further reinforce the need for enterprise printing and copying. Large [...]

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What Can Managed Print Services Do for Your Law Office?

Do your clients truly care how efficient the print services are in your law office? Are they concerned with the availability of printers or your ink supplies? The probability is that they are mainly concerned with reliable, quality legal solutions and advice, and consistent handling of case matters. But from your perspective, efficient creation and [...]

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Help the Environment by Recycling Empty Print Cartridges

In six decades, humans have produced more than 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic. 6.3 billion metric tons are actually plastic waste, and it’s slowly filling our landfills or making its way to the ocean. Only 9-percent of the waste produced in the United States is ever recycled. Waste is a problem that will only [...]

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The Benefits of a Cost Per Page Analysis

Companies are looking at ways to save money, reduce costs, and deliver more value to their customers. That process starts in the office. By updating their processes, it’s possible to increase efficiency without negatively impacting the value for your customers. Printing costs are one area where companies can easily reduce costs and increase savings and [...]

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The Growing Use of Interactive White Boards in Schools

Education is at crossroads in the United States. Teachers are struggling to connect with students using old, outdated technology. Students grew up in a smart, connected world. They have access anywhere and anytime to knowledge and digital services. Yet schools and teachers are still trying to engage them with a chalkboard. Static chalkboards and paper-based [...]

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Top Features of Multifunction Copiers I Didn’t Know They Had

Copiers are a significant investment for the office. Depending on the style and features, a copier can cost more than $5,000. Despite the investment, many offices aren’t maximizing the benefit of their multifunction copier. Some would just print signs for the office or notes from a meeting. More advanced users may know how to make [...]

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