Are Document Solutions the Best Technology in Education?

In education there are thousands of voices out there, all saying what the best technology is for the industry, but what is it really? With so much noise out there, here’s a breakdown on some of the best technology for education document solutions. Here’s what schools and universities need to know about these spectacular services. [...]

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Best Ways to Secure Your School from Cyber-attacks

Cyber-attacks are one of the most perilous events to befall a school. Not only is teacher and staff information at risk, but student information is also vulnerable, especially with so many kids using smartphones today. A data breach can really throw a wrench into the daily operations of a school, but don’t fret now, here’s [...]

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How to Keep Client Information Secure This Tax Season

Customer data protection is a major concern and a hot topic, especially when discussing cybersecurity for law firms and tax professionals. When tax season comes around this becomes even more important as it is a time when customer information is targeted more aggressively. Here’s some expert data security advice for firms looking to stay ahead [...]

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How Smart Are Smart Boards for the Classroom?

Smart boards are a lot more than they appear. With uses in both business and education, these interactive whiteboards are changing the face of presentation technology. They also sport impressive computing power and have software applications that will affect anything from quiz taking to business presentations. Integrating these tools into classrooms is revolutionizing the way [...]

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT

The global market today is fierce, and now it’s more important than ever to stay lean and mean to take on competing organizations. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to remain competitive is to utilize outsourcing strategically, especially regarding IT departments. Outsourcing the IT department via managed IT services is keeping firms tight [...]

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Why Having a Strong IT Is Important for HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is a critical area of concern among many organizations. Efforts to maintain compliance are paramount. No one wants to deal with a HIPAA violation, and IT departments are taking a larger role in sustaining compliance. Here’s how firms are using the strength of an effective IT departments to prevent incurring these costly violations. [...]

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How to Make Your Classroom Smarter

Today’s job market is incredibly competitive and places a premium on technical skills. This makes the responsibility schools have to prepare students for the real world more important than ever. The skills students learn in school will help them succeed. Technology can help fill in the gaps by making classrooms smarter, here’s how. Making Classrooms [...]

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The Best Ways for Law Firms to Back Up Their Online Files

Today, businesses are more dependent on data than ever before. Important information is stored electronically which allows for great convenience but it can also introduce new risks. With the rise of cyberattacks that target sensitive data, like ransomware attacks which are increasing every year, businesses need to be more aware of how their data is [...]

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How is Managed Print Services (MPS) Sustainable?

Businesses are striving more than ever to make sustainability part of their overall business strategy. There are a number of reasons to do this. First, sustainability for business has become a hot topic as more and more people increase their awareness of environmental issues. Secondly, sustainability can also help businesses reduce costs and expenses. This [...]

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What Businesses Need to Know About the Increased USPS Postage Rates

The cost of doing business continues to rise in 2019. This shouldn’t be a shock to businesses as costs tend to rise over time but, despite the lack of shock, it doesn’t change the hit to the bottom line. Businesses that ship products or letters to customers are facing price hikes from USPS in 2019 [...]

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