Defend Against the Cyber-Grinch

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially for cybercriminals who utilize the holiday season as a stage for a variety of phishing attacks. With everyone receiving tons of emails daily, cybercriminals can easily sneak into your inbox. Up to 80% of people fall for the holiday scams which make it to their inbox, resulting [...]

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PaperCut Hive- Complete cloud-native print management for business

EASY PRINTING Convenient printing for everyone Somehow, printing got complicated, for both users and SysAdmins: BYOD and smartphones, multiple operating systems, mixed printer brands... well PaperCut Hive, with its serverless printing, makes printing easy again. Users simply print from any device to [...]

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Break Free From Your Mailing Contract

MAILROOM SOLUTIONS No matter your business size or needs, our mailroom solutions will help you create an efficient workflow for your business. MAILING SYSTEMS FOLDER INSERTERS PRINTERS PRESSURE SEALERS SHIPPING SOLUTIONS [...]

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Phishing Awareness: 8 Things Your Employees Should Understand

1. Phishing is a crime Phishing is a type of fraud in which a hacker attempts to gather personal information or credentials by impersonating a legitimate brand and sending users to a malicious website. A common example of this is the Microsoft 365 phishing attack: A hacker sends an email that appears to come from Microsoft [...]

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Vade for M365 is a cybersecurity solution that enhances Microsoft’s existing email security. The product acts as an extra layer of security, with its own unique and patented technology, which is very different from Microsoft’s approach. Vade for M365 detects threats that Microsoft misses. [...]

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Cybercrimes in the Headlines Protect your business today! The FBI has reported a 300% increase in Cybercrimes Small businesses usually don’t make the news for a data breach, but they account for 43% of cyberattacks.  A simple plan can save headaches and financial loss. [...]

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and is a great opportunity to take stock of your organization's cyberdefenses. Benefits of managing cybersecurity? Protect networks and data from unauthorized access Improved information security and business continuity management Improved stakeholder confidence in your information security arrangements Improved company credentials with the correct security controls in place Faster [...]

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Remote Learning with the Sharp Aquos Board

The Sharp Aquos Board can help bring your classroom into the 21st century. With many classrooms today being half in class learning and half virtual learning due to COVID-19. The Sharp Aquos Board allows those at home to collaborate with those in the classroom. The Sharp Aquos Board Offers Unlimited Connectivity The main benefit of [...]

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Saas Protection for Office 365

SaaS Protection for Office 365 is an all-in-one backup, restore and export solution supporting MS Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. It ensures that MSPs can access, control, and most importantly protect the data clients entrust to the cloud. Office 365 Is Not Automatically Protected Many organizations mistakenly believe that Microsoft Office 365 data is automatically [...]

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