Benefits of DocuWare for Schools and Education Offices

School administration is hard work. Even simple tasks can get mired in a complex system of processing, approval, communication and generating costs for students and teachers alike. At the district level, administration becomes even more challenging. District offices need to keep multiple schools in line and organized towards common, standardized goals. They need to operate [...]

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How does Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises give back to the local community?

What’s the best way to give back to a local community during the holiday season? There really isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer for communities in need. Every local area has families or individuals who need a little help to make it through the colder months on the calendar. For most, the concept of giving back to [...]

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Top IT Security Trends of 2019

2018 was an important year for data privacy and IT security. New breaches, new cybersecurity threats, and new rules have all combined to radically change the information security landscape for small businesses and enterprises. For executives and office managers preparing for the new year, these changes will inform a newfound focus on privacy, data security, [...]

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Protected Health Information Challenges

In a world of data breaches and ominous news about stolen data, Protected Health Information (PHI) presents an around-the-clock challenge for healthcare systems and private practices. PHI and the U.S. government’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) concerns go well beyond internal safeguarding of data. Organizations must protect their current and past patients’ data [...]

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How to Implement Managed Document Services in 2019

Costs are rapidly rising for businesses. In 2017, paper manufacturers began raising prices by 5% to 10% across all mediums, with additional price increases expected in 2018 and 2019, thanks to reduced paper mill capacities and the rising cost of wood pulp. Ink costs are rising due to tariffs on key chemicals and raw materials [...]

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What Is DPI and What Are the Requirements for Different Industries?

For businesses investing in printing and scanning resources, it’s important to understand the project requirements. Balancing cost and output, and ensuring the right resources are applied to the requirements, isn’t always easy. Investing in the wrong technology or services can mean wasted money. Implementing the wrong solution can put your business at risk and leave [...]

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What Data Security Challenges Will Educational Organizations Face in 2019?

Modern organizations run on data. It’s up to the IT Professionals in the organization to protect and secure that data. Educational organizations need student data to operate, putting them in the crosshairs of criminals. Social security numbers, private health information (PHI), addresses, and emails are all prizes to criminals who see educators as soft targets. [...]

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Printing Needs Vary: Here’s What You Need to Know About Production Printing

Every business has different printing needs. Some companies have made the move to the paperless office and have no need for printing except for the occasional project. They’ve gone almost fully digital. With a scanner, they can replace drawers and files with servers and data. Other businesses still rely on printing. Paper and paper documents [...]

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Environmental Focus: DME’s Sustainability Initiatives

Businesses are quickly realizing how important going green can be. Sustainability initiatives deliver significant cost savings as well as other benefits like a positive brand image and increased employee engagement. Both small and Fortune 500 companies alike are making strides to not only lessen their environmental impact, but also appeal to customers who demand eco-friendly [...]

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What Is Digital Signage and Why Do Businesses Need It?

Business communication used to be easy. Marketing was a catch phrase. Execution focused on billboards and print ads. Communication in the office was through a phone, a newsletter, and team meetings. Today, your customers and prospects need more than advertisements and jingles to trust and purchase your product. Employees expect more than a newsletter, and [...]

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