Why is it Time for a Company to Upgrade Their Printer Fleet in 2020?

Time to upgrade your printer Even with green initiatives and efforts toward environmental sustainability, businesses still have documents that require printing. There are several concerns companies face when managing documents and the fleet of printers that produce them: What is the actual cost of printing to the business? Is there a more efficient way of [...]

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USPS Mailing Rates Are Increasing at a Rapid Pace

Like many other business expenses, mailing rates are going up – again. The USPS has announced new rates for 2020, scheduled to take effect on January 26th. Shipping costs will rise at an overall rate of 1.9%, which the Governors of the Postal Service expect to shrink the red ink that has plagued the service [...]

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What’s the Best Wide Format Printer for Architects?

The best wide format printer for architecture needs to be precise and reliable. Blueprints and other highly technical documents need to be high-resolution and show intricate details. Making things even more complicated, many of these documents exceed the standard sheet sizes used in standard printers. Wide format printers enable high-speed prints without compromising on quality. [...]

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How Implementing a Barcoding System Can Help Decrease Your Warehouse Costs

The barcode is the unsung hero of the modern industry. It’s not often thought about, but it’s a foundational tool in many of today’s emerging technologies. Barcodes are a gateway to the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI-driven automation in supply chain logistics. Barcodes have long been used in grocery and retail stores to help [...]

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IoT Cybersecurity Issues and Trends in 2020

Cybersecurity is a hot-button issue moving into 2020. Much of this is fueled by security threats posed by the influx of unsecured devices. The Mirai botnet DDoS attack of 2016 showed the fatal flaws in these connected devices. Statista Research estimates the number “things” connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) will triple from 26 [...]

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How Managed Print Services Can Help Prevent Printer Hacking

Modern printers are more efficient and produce better quality than ever before. They’re fully functional computers that connect to the internet and represent one of the most vulnerable operations in any business. In fact, a recent security survey from Booz Allen Hamilton reports 50% of respondents had a data loss caused by a printer. Reported [...]

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How Does Your Sustainability Strategy Compare to the Competition?

Sustainability is not only a catchphrase that companies offer to consumers or suppliers to indicate concern for the environment. It is a real issue that all businesses should practice to help control waste and reduce their carbon footprint. Creating and adhering to formal sustainability policies is more than just a responsible approach to managing pollution [...]

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How Barcoding Systems Were Invented and How This Technology Changed the Retail Industry

Today nearly everything in retail contains a barcode of some form, from quick response (QR) barcodes to the more familiar UPC barcodes printed on practically any product in the supermarket or department store. Barcodes are indispensable for managing products through the supply chain to the end consumer. Even smartphones contain scanning apps that allow shoppers [...]

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The Advantage of Managed Print Services in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Print media is everywhere – in businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Businesses in the pharmaceutical industry are like most others, with concerns for paper waste, the expense of supplies, printing devices, and of course – security. Pharmaceutical companies have unique requirements in producing a wide variety of documents and consumer-facing materials: Package [...]

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Still Running Windows 7? A Microsoft Certified Professional Can Help.

Microsoft will end all support for Windows 7 on January 2020. Although they sounded the alarms in 2018, many companies still limp along with older versions of Windows, such as 7, 8 and 8.1. As the end of life date draws near, these companies risk falling behind technologically and exposing themselves to critical security flaws. [...]

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