Parcel Lockers for University Security

University mailrooms aren’t immune to the problems created by the onslaught of online purchase deliveries: things break, get lost in cardboard mountains, and sometimes disappear completely. Parcel lockers are becoming more popular for precisely these problems. Is the school mailroom choked by brown cubes? It might be time to consider parcel lockers to store and [...]

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Improve Your Tele-Communications with the E Rate Program

One of the most critical components of business today is telecommunications. Globalization has made telecommunications a vital part of any business today, and any improvement to it will also benefit businesses. Here’s what forward-thinking managers should know about how they can enhance telecommunications with an erate program. What Is the E Rate Program? Created in [...]

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How to Avoid Being Hacked with Strong Passwords

Hackers have grown bolder and more sophisticated in recent years making it even more critical to have strong security measures in the organization. One of the cornerstones of security in businesses is the generation of strong passwords. While this seems relatively simple in concept, there’s a lot more to it. Here’s what firms need to [...]

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How to Keep Your Classroom Up to Date in 2019

Classrooms in 2019 are rapidly changing as each wave of technology brings new devices to be incorporated. While some of these innovations are frivolous gimmicks, others like interactive whiteboards are essential edtech that no school should be without this year. Here’s a look at some of the most critical technology in the classroom today. Why [...]

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How to Keep Your Personal Data Private

Keeping personal data private is becoming more critical than ever. Years ago some innocent minded individuals remained relatively unconcerned by the digitization of personal information. The outlook was that as long as they didn’t have anything to hide, they saw no reason to be concerned by the rapid advances in technology and its impact on [...]

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What Are the Best Printers for Schools?

School budgets are as tight as ever as educational institutions around the country are strapped for cash and relying on limited government funding. Printers are one of the most vital components in the school environment. This is often overlooked, but any school can tell you printing is a major and frequent function in schools. Finding [...]

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Are Document Solutions the Best Technology in Education?

In education there are thousands of voices out there, all saying what the best technology is for the industry, but what is it really? With so much noise out there, here’s a breakdown on some of the best technology for education document solutions. Here’s what schools and universities need to know about these spectacular services. [...]

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Best Ways to Secure Your School from Cyber-attacks

Cyber-attacks are one of the most perilous events to befall a school. Not only is teacher and staff information at risk, but student information is also vulnerable, especially with so many kids using smartphones today. A data breach can really throw a wrench into the daily operations of a school, but don’t fret now, here’s [...]

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How to Keep Client Information Secure This Tax Season

Customer data protection is a major concern and a hot topic, especially when discussing cybersecurity for law firms and tax professionals. When tax season comes around this becomes even more important as it is a time when customer information is targeted more aggressively. Here’s some expert data security advice for firms looking to stay ahead [...]

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How Smart Are Smart Boards for the Classroom?

Smart boards are a lot more than they appear. With uses in both business and education, these interactive whiteboards are changing the face of presentation technology. They also sport impressive computing power and have software applications that will affect anything from quiz taking to business presentations. Integrating these tools into classrooms is revolutionizing the way [...]

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