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Creating sophisticated, interactive content that entices customers doesn’t need to be difficult. Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises can provide you with Experience Manager from Toshiba, a cloud-based software that makes it easy to construct, manage and monitor your own digital signage network.

You can configure Experience Manager for several different types of displays, including:

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Video Walls

Custom interactive display

Wall and ceiling mounts

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Floor stands

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Experience Manager Features:

Extensive, customizable control over messaging and content

Want to create basic play loops? Or, do you want something tailored to reach a very specific audience? Whatever kind of content you need, Experience Manager makes it easy to create. You can:

  • Choose from different pre-installed templates
  • Draw from a library of animations
  • Use MPEG, WMV, HTML 5 and other image files
  • Set up schedules and event triggers for content

Drag and drop flexibility

With Experience Manager, designing content becomes a simple, streamlined process.

Access to detailed, interactive usage reports

Experience Manager also makes it easy to monitor and control who accesses your content. You can set permissions and generate back-end reports.

The power to view and change your network and content at any time

The demands and challenges your business faces don’t stay fixed. Neither should your content. Experience Manager allows you to change or update content across your network in real time.

Toshiba Content Creation and Management Services

Need help creating content? Toshiba’s experts can step in. They offer two services:

  • Content Creation: Toshiba’s writers and designers can help you craft the content that will go onto your displays.
  • Content Management: At your request, Toshiba can maintain and adjust your network’s content.

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