Educational organizations have always had to be hyper-vigilant about how they spend their money. Most have very little control over how much they’ll have in their budgets in the first place, yet there are certain costs these schools simply must cover.

Unfortunately, many of them are often unnecessarily high. For example, the average school of 1,000 or university department of the same size spends roughly $3,000 to $4,000 a month on printing supplies (e.g. paper, ink, etc.).

This doesn’t even include printer wear-and-tear or the price of technical support.

Does some of this sound familiar?


Common Challenges Facing Educational Organizations

These statistics are only the tip of the iceberg, too. There are a number of other ways academic institutions find their budgets and potential needlessly weighed down.

This includes issues like:

Managing paper and digital documents:

Roughly 90 % of critical information is on paper – only paper. If anything happened to the hardcopies of this sensitive data, it would be gone forever.

Protecting student data and other sensitive information:

Schools are becoming some of the most sought-after targets by cybercriminals, largely because of their access to student data.

Workflow bottlenecks and outdated practices:

Unless your institution has the time for regular reviews, it’s easy to become reliant on outdated practices or take workflow bottlenecks for granted, even though they cost time and money.

Unnecessary waste:

Most schools have no idea how much paper they’re wasting every year. They’re simply throwing away money.

Although these common challenges may seem overwhelming, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) can help.

How DME Can Help Your Educational Institution

Our company offers three main services that can improve your school’s efficiency and lower its costs at the same time:

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Managed Print Services

After a Cost-Per-Page Analysis, we’ll be able to give you an exact breakdown what you’re spending on printing. We can also remotely track the use of your equipment so we can recommend more efficient practices and send you supplies before you even run out.

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Managed IT Services

Our Online Backup and Business Continuity services will ensure your important records are always safe. We can also provide the security measures necessary to keep cybercriminals at bay and even manage your entire digital infrastructure.

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Managed Document Services

Let us help you convert your important information from hardcopy to digital. We can also set up your device configuration so you’re able to manage all printers and copiers from just one computer.

No matter what unique challenges your school faces, DME has a solution available.

Contact Us Today to Begin Improving Your School’s Operations

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