According to one study , federal agencies use an average of 44 billion pages every single year.

Needless to say, forms and other types of documentation play a major role in how this country is run. Everything from getting a license to the paper used for printing bills requires some form of documentation.

However, all this creating, printing, delivering, and processing of documents comes with a number of different costs that could be needlessly impacting your governmental organization.

Common Challenges Facing Governmental Agencies

Running your agency, department, or office may come with some unique challenges, but the following are common versions that affect document and printing practices:

Data security:

The government is the second largest target for hackers , yet it receives the lowest ranking for cyber security behind 17 other industries. If you’re not treating the security of your data as a major priority, a cybercriminal may soon launch an attack.

Wasteful practices:

In that same study we referenced at the beginning, 92% of federal employees reported that they print off more paper every day than they use. These kinds of unchecked practices come with serious price tags and create large amounts of waste.

Properly managing paper and digital documents:

Document management practices for many of these organizations may also be wasteful because they still rely on paper documents instead of digital ones. It takes longer to share important documents this way, but it also represents an unnecessary risk as the loss of a critical document would mean it was gone forever.

While these and other challenges may seem daunting, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) can help.

How DME Can Help Your Governmental Agency

Our company has experience helping government organizations like yours through three main service types:

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Managed Print Services

Once we carry out a Cost-Per-Page Analysis, we can show you precisely how much of your budget goes to printing and where there’s waste that can be cut. We can also remotely monitor your devices to find ways to improve efficient printing and documentation practices.

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Managed IT Services

Keeping your digital documents safe requires Business Continuity services. You can also rest assured help is always just a phone call away with our Help Desk Support. Of course, we can also monitor your total digital infrastructure, too, which means we’d know about potential problems before you do.

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Managed Document Services

Ready to convert your paper documents into digital ones? We can help with that and introduce you to optimal storage options so these documents are always secure and close at hand.

DME has solutions for these and similar problems related to documentation and printing that will help your organization improve its efficiency and protect its budget.

We’re Ready to Help Your Governmental Organization Perform Better

No matter what level of government your organization is, how big your budget is, or what kind of document or technology challenge you’re facing, DME is standing by ready to help.

Call us today at 1-800-571-2679 or Contact Us today to learn more about how our company can serve your organization.