The healthcare field remains extremely paper-centric. This helps explain why the average healthcare organization spends 8.56% of its annual revenues on printing.

Unfortunately, many of these companies are burdened by inefficient practices and outdated technology.

For example, it’s estimated that every $1 spent putting images on paper costs another $9 to manage it.

Costs like these can quickly pile up and get in the way of every healthcare provider’s main goal: helping patients.

Common Challenges Facing Healthcare Organizations

A number of other print- and document-related challenges face modern healthcare organizations. A list of common examples includes:


Security of PHI:

Protected Health Information represents the most valuable information for the vast majority of hackers . It can be used for any number of reasons and, far too often, it’s easy to get a hold of. Healthcare companies that don’t properly secure their patients’ information are becoming more and more likely to suffer from a successful cyber attack.

Regulatory compliance:

Of course, even if criminals don’t steal a company’s PHI data, HIPAA regulations will levy serious penalties on any healthcare organization that isn’t following the letter of the law when it comes to storing, transferring, securing, and sharing this sensitive data.

Document management:

While the proper handling of PHI and other forms of regulatory compliance are important, healthcare organizations also need to optimize their document management strategies or they’ll always lack for efficiency. Often, the problem is simply that the company is still using paper documents so their retrieval processes are bottlenecked.

IT support:

Robust IT like the kind required by modern healthcare organizations must be supported by equally capable IT professionals. Otherwise, their hardware and software will never be used to its fullest potential, which is a big waste of money.

Running a successful healthcare organization will always mean dealing with numerous challenges. However, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) can play a critical role in minimizing their effects.

How DME Can Help Your Healthcare Organization

If any of the challenges above sound familiar, DME can help. Here are the three main services we offer:

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Managed Print Services

A single Cost-Per-Page Analysis will show you exactly what you’re currently spending on printing and how that number can be reduced for major savings. We can also monitor your use of printing supplies (including toner), so your healthcare operation is never slowed because you ran out.

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Managed IT Services

You don’t need an entire IT department when you have our Helpdesk Support service. Just like with your printers and copiers, we can also monitor your network remotely to protect against potential problems. Security – including Antivirus services – is another area we help healthcare organizations with.

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Managed Document Services

Our Printer Fleet Reports will help you identify how your devices are currently being used, so you can refine those practices. By leveraging our Document Capture Solutions, you can transform physical documents into digital ones, making it easier to secure and transfer them.

With the help of DME, your healthcare organization can save money while improving its overall efficiency

The Right Technology Is Available for Your Healthcare Needs

If you’d like to learn more about how DME can help revive your budget, secure your data, and make it easier to share important information, please give us a call at 1-800-571-2679 or fill out our Contact Us form and we will get in touch with you.