Law firms are constantly overflowing with documents. In order to do their jobs, attorneys and paralegals must print, copy, and distribute documents every day of the week.

However, it’s still hard to believe that legal organizations spend an average of 13.7% of their annual revenues on producing internal and external documents. The overall industry average is less than half that at just 6.1%.

Usually, more than 85% of a legal organization’s outputs are client related too. Although this means that printing should be billed back, it’s likely this isn’t happening as much as it should.

Common Challenges Facing Legal Organizations

When law firms don’t run smoothly, there can be serious ramifications aside from just excessive overhead. Here are some other common challenges that can potentially become major problems:

Bottlenecked search and retrieval processes:

An efficient firm is one where lawyers and paralegals can quickly and effortlessly retrieve important documents, something that’s impossible without the right system in place.

Avoidable expenses:

Everything from unnecessary copies to paying for the proper disposal of documents that never had to be printed off in the first place can prove to be serious burdens on your budget.

Data security:

Law firms are constantly being targeted by hackers. Important information you’re responsible for can also be vulnerable simply because it only exists in paper form. These documents could be lost or easily destroyed. Even digital data is at risk if you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place.

Client chargebacks:

If you’re not billing your clients for printing and other services they’re supposed to cover, your revenues are definitely suffering. Depending on the number of clients you serve every year, this could represent a sizable loss.

As you can see, poor document management and inefficient device management can cost you in several different ways. Fortunately, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) can help.

How DME Can Help Your Legal Organization

If you work at a law firm, you already have a busy enough schedule. Let DME step in and solve any of the aforementioned problems for you. We have three service areas to offer:

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Managed Print Services

We can remotely track the use of your equipment to make sure it’s being utilized as efficiently as possible. This also tells us when you’re running short on printing supplies (including toner), so we can send you more before you actually run out. Our Cost-Per-Page Analysis is a great way of finding out what you’re currently spending on your printing too. After you know this number, we can help you to begin reducing it.

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Managed IT Services

Every firm needs a strong network to run on. It also requires a safe, secure digital environment where documents can be stored and easily retrieved from anywhere. With this service, you’ll always have IT experts you can call with any questions as well.

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Managed Document Services

Turn your physical documents into digital ones with our Document Capture service. Another great way to cut costs is with our Printer Fleet Reports. Combine that with Print Job Routing Solutions and you can overhaul your printing practices to keep expenses down.

While every law firm is different, Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises (DME) has solutions that can address any problems yours might be experiencing.

Don’t Take A Recess From Business Continuity: Protect Your Law Firm

As attorneys, you’re committed to providing your clients with the best legal advice and service possible. In order to do so, you recognize that in the world of law, time stops for no one. Court dates are appointed, not chosen. Contracts have deadlines. Client meetings are a must. Any type of power outage, therefore, is a huge threat to law firms. As a lawyer you have a finite amount of time to build your case, gather materials, research, etc. Should an outage strike your firm as a result of a natural (or most likely man made) disaster during your last few days before court, for example, it could be detrimental to the outcome of a case.

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