While your company’s documents are certainly important, it’s also vital to think about how you print, capture, and pay for them. Any inefficiency in this workflow will end up causing unnecessary overhead or costing you in other ways.

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises’ (DME’s) powerful document solutions make it easy for you to increase productivity and track activity and costs in your workplace. They give you the ability to:

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Convert, merge, and distribute scanned documents quickly

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Recognize and resolve problems with your printing fleet

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Generate reports on page counts, page sizes, and more

Document Capture Solutions Make It Easy to Turn Paper Digital

Converting your paper documents into digital files can help lower your operating costs and boost your company’s efficiencies. Of course, you can only reap these benefits if you handle the process of capturing documents effectively.

With DME’s Document Capture Solutions, you can make this process almost effortless. You’ll have the ability to scan documents for information extraction, storage, and sharing quickly and easily.


Features of Document Capture Solutions:

DME’s document capture solutions make it simple to put your scanned documents to work. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can:

Create PDF files instantly

Change PDFs into editable files

Merge files together

Send scanned files to others via email or fax

Convert scanned documents to Microsoft Word or Excel files

Edit and alter scanned images

Create fillable forms

Our Print Job Routing Solutions Give You Total Management and Control

With Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises’ Print Job Routing Solutions, you can manage hundreds of printers and multifunction copiers from one computer. Our available software gives you the ability to locate, group, monitor, and configure devices on your IT network with maximum efficiency.

Features of Print Job Routing Solutions:

Manual Device Management

Our solutions allow you to locate and group devices through their advanced user interfaces. You can configure all of your network’s devices remotely, making it easy to keep settings uniform throughout your workplace.

Automated Maintenance and Management Tasks

Our software enables you to maintain your devices automatically. You can:

  • Receive detailed emails on device errors as soon as they occur
  • Receive alerts when toner runs low
  • Submit meter readings
  • Install upgrades remotely

Printer Fleet Reports

You can generate detailed, accurate reports on your printer usage, which will enable you to make better management decisions. You will get information on:

  • Page sizes
  • Page counts
  • Black-and-white pages printed
  • Color pages printed

Duplex and single-side pages printed

Cut Costs with DME’s Print Accounting Solutions

Cutting costs associated with printing becomes easy with DME’s Print Accounting Solutions. Our software allows you to manage printer usage in your workplace more effectively. In turn, this will help you exert greater control over your printing expenses.

Features of Print Accounting Solutions:

Measure, Reduce, and Recover Costs

You can measure the costs of various print jobs by:

  • File and paper size
  • Media type
  • Color printing
  • Duplex printing

You can trace jobs back to specific users and departments, which will promote greater accountability in your workplace. You’ll also be able to route print jobs to more efficient devices on your network, which can help reduce your printing expenses even further.

Increase Security

You can set up user code and ID card restrictions on your devices. This will help protect your information and discourage wasteful printing simultaneously.

Prevent Waste

Our solutions make it easy to cancel accidental print jobs and avoid duplicates. You can also set up duplex printing requirements, which can help cut your paper usage in half almost instantly.

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Enjoy a More Efficient, Secure, and Affordable Document Generation Process

Our Managed Document Services make it easy to print the documents you need exactly how you want them to look, keep their information secure, and maintain minimal overhead.


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